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1o6, gv6, h, 4ov, ir, IPL 2020: MS Dhoni Shows A Sweet Gesture By Helping A Player Of The Opposite Team During DC Vs CSK Match - The Tech Education
MS Dhoni
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IPL 2020: MS Dhoni Shows A Sweet Gesture By Helping A Player Of The Opposite Team During DC Vs CSK Match

The seventh match of IPL 2020 was played between DC and CSK. But CSK skipper MS Dhoni did something which completely won our hearts.

MS Dhoni Helps DC Player Prithvi Shaw

Cricket matches are all about competing with the opposite team. But the rivalry is only during the match and not off field. And CSK skipper MS Dhoni has proved that.

IPL 2020
Source: India Today

Actually fans are going gaga over a very sweet act by MS Dhoni during the CSK Vs DC match. It so happened that DC player Prithvi Shaw came as an opening batsman for his team. But he was having some kind of  a trouble in his eye or maybe some foreign particle had gone inside. That is when MS Dhoni came near him and tried to help him out.

The captain cool was seen trying to help Shaw with his eye trouble. And everyone is overwhelmed by Dhoni’s sweet act. As he has show that they are rivals only during their match and not outside of that.

Fans are sharing the particular picture of Dhoni helping Shaw on different social media platforms and are praising Dhoni.

IPL 2020: DC defeats CSK

As for the match, CSK had to suffer a 44 run defeat by DC. And DC opener Shaw deserves a good credit for his teams win.  He gave a great start to DC and managed to score 64 with a series of fours and a massive six.

IPL 2020
Source: indiaglitz

The 20 year old emerging has to be one of the best new comer for DC. As the team opted to bat first they managed to score 175 runs after losing three wickets. Thus CSK’s target was 176 but the team couldn’t fair really well.

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The absence of the two strongest players of the team Ambati Rayudu and Suresh Raina is actually affecting the performance of the team.  But with the efforts of players like Faf du Plessis, CSK could mange to score 131 runs.

Therefore faced a 44 run defeat. And as deserved the young Dc opener Prithvi Shaw was announced as the Man of the Match.

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