AT&T Not Selling Warner Bros. Games Division

Batman Arkham Knight
Source: Windows Central

AT&T, who were apparently considering selling the games division of Warner Bros., now seems to have decided against doing so. This information comes to us via a report from Bloomberg. AT&T apparently made this move following a change in leadership this July.

AT&T Apparently No Longer Interested In Selling Warner Bros.’ Games Division

The Warner Bros. games division has a number of well-reputed studios under its umbrella. This includes Batman Arkham developers Rocksteady Studios, as well as Mortal Kombat developers NetherRealm Studios. On top of that, they also have the game licenses to a number of valuable intellectual properties.

These include DC Comics, The Lord Of The Rings as well as Harry Potter. CNBC first reported on this possibility back in June of this year. They said that this sale may fetch AT&T around $4 billion. A number of big names in the games industry were apparently interested in taking them up on that offer, too.

Mortal Kombat 11
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EA, Microsoft Were Among Those Interested In This Purchase

Microsoft, EA, Take-Two Interactive, and Activision Blizzard are the names in Bloomberg. Their report cites insiders who said that the games division’s potential for growth led to AT&T reconsidering this sale. So, it seems like this is definitely not happening anymore.

Personally, I’m glad Warner Bros. is its own separate entity in the gaming industry. This isn’t because of any specific personal reasons. It’s simply because it means there is another huge competitor in the AAA gaming space.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War
Source: Polygon

More Competition Is Good For Gamers

Warner Bros. themselves aren’t innocent when it comes to egregious monetisation in their games. One only needs to take a look at Middle Earth: Shadow Of War to understand that. However, the potential destinations that we’ve been hearing for their games division aren’t much better in that department, either.

Now I’m hoping that the next time Warner Bros. games division makes the news, it will be because of that Harry Potter game we’ve been hearing about for weeks.