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Suggested By Nancy Pelosi, Can The 25th Amendment Actually Remove Trump From White House? - The Tech Education
Nancy Pelosi
Source: AP
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As Suggested By Nancy Pelosi, Can The 25th Amendment Actually Remove Trump From White House?

In a recent interview House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows when she talked about removing Trump from Presidential duties. Is that really possible?

Nancy Pelosi Speaks About Reviewing Trump’s Mental Health

In a press conference Nancy Pelosi has opened up about planning a new commission. And this new commission is all about Trump and his abilities to perform his presidential duties.

Nancy Pelosi
Source : cnn.com

The House Speaker has stated that Trump’s bizarre behavior has became a reason to worry. And sometimes it seems like he is unfit to be performing the Presidential duties. Therefore the House of Democrats have been in talks to form a review panel. And the panel will include health experts who will monitor the mental health of Mr President and then submit the report.

As per Pelosi, the final report submitted by the review panel will actually decide if Trump has really become mentally unstable. Because many a times his behavior says so.

Trump’s Series Of Bizarre Behaviors

If we start talking about how bizarre and illogical Trump’s statements gets sometimes a whole decade will not be enough! Therefore let us consider some of the instances.

When we read Trump’s tweet, many a time we tend to feel that Mr President has completely lost it! His cryptic and bizarre tweets becomes a cause of worry for many. Apart from that Trump has recently recovered from Coronavirus, but his attitude towards the disease remains as horrible as usual.

Nancy Pelosi
Source : thechronicle.com.au

The moment he got back to the White House he removed his mask. Being the leader of a nation like US, such a casual attitude about a deadly pandemic really raises questions about his stability. It seems like he is really far from reality.  Thus in such a case a review panel might be helpful in actually bringing Trump’s mental health condition to light.

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Can Trump Be Removed From Presidential Duties?

Well as Pelosi has stated that the new commission will abide by the 25th Amendment of the US constitution. Talking of the 25th amendment, it allows the removal of a President if he proves to me mentally unfit.

Nancy Pelosi
Source: AP

Therefore after monitoring, if the review panel discloses that there is something wrong with Trump’s mental ability. And if they find evidences that Trump is not mentally stable than there are chances that Trump would be removed from his Presidential duties. But house representatives cannot do it alone.

It has to be a collaborative decision by all the House members. And primarily if everyone reaches to a conclusion that Trump cannot lead the nation and has to step down, the Vice President will have to approve it. Because without his approval the commission would be declared as null and void.

So now Pelosi is trying to form the new commission as soon as possible so that they can form a panel. After which it will be clear on whether Trump is eligible to lead the country or he will have to step down from his Presidential duties.

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