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97l, pgd, ky, 6n3, obo, 7, mr, a1, zg, qyo, qt3, z, z1f, Former Supreme Court Son Justice's Son, Paul Scalia Apologize To Congregation For Not Wearing Mask At Barrett Ceremony - The Tech Education
Donald Trump
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Former Supreme Court Son Justice’s Son, Paul Scalia Apologize To Congregation For Not Wearing Mask At Barrett Ceremony

Former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Son PaulĀ  Scalia has apologized to his congregation for attending a White House ceremony, without Coronavirus protection mask.

“Since the coronavirus pandemic began, I have desired to ease people’s fears and anxieties. My actions and doings at the White House seemed reasonable at the given time the presumed controls in place,” Scalia says in the statement. “Nevertheless, I apologize that they do not follow my expectation. Causes disquiet and anxiety, and I am distracted from the work of the Gospel.” Paul says

Paul Scalia Apologize

A priest at St. James Catholic Church in Suburban Virginia, attends the Rose Garden Ceremony in the late last month for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Labour Secretary Eugene Scalia and the mother Maureen is also in the audience. Most of the attendees are not observed while wearing the mask. Barrett is clerks for the Justice Scalia and the family friend.

“The lack of mask and social distancing at that event is become a legitimate cause of concern, especially since the Donald Trump, The US President Coronavirus diagnosis and hospitalization,” he added. “Further, and more immediate to the congregate, it contradicts what I ask of those coming to Mass and other parish events. Some of them you have been reaching out to me express your concern.

Donald Trump
Source : diselgasoil.com

I thank you for your honesty your points is well taken. Please know that my actions and my doings is based not on the rejection of those practices but on the understanding that the people present is screen as is been.” Scalia says.

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He went on retreat last week and test done another time. “Since my return from the retreat, I have remained in 15 quarantine. I have not said public Mass or listen to the Confessions. As soon as I heard of Trump condition on Friday. I made arrangements to be made for test for Covid-19 and is test done yesterday morning.”

Paul Test’s

And the test came out opposing the family says as were the results for his brother and the mother. He says he would quarantine through Friday by the recommendation of his doctor.

“I apologize for the failure of my expectations, causing unrest and fear, and distraction from the work of the gospel”. Write Rev. Scalia, who argues that his actions in the White House. Seems to be reasonable at the time, given the work .” suspected controls available.” Paul Says

He told parishioners that he attended the Rose Garden event for Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Because she was a friend of the family. She once worked with the pastor’s father, Justice Scalia.
Rev. Scalia stateĀ  he is instructs to remove his mask following a negative rapid coronavirus test, saying. But, “The lack of covers and social distancing at this event have become a legitimate cause for concern.



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