KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS : I Think That Their Family Drama Is Reason Behind The Show Vanquishing !

Well, everything comes to an end. And if you believe that the TRP rating of the show is decreasing because from the last few years at least. It appears that all mediocre one must too. Keeping up with the Kardashians is losing its popularity in its latest season the report shows. But somewhat is understandable after spending more than a decade in the spotlight.

After all the sisters, the entire premises of the show initial run is now achieved its break-even point, and on addition, the sisters had moved on to their careers of their own and build up their own family. There is no longer a single unit is to watch, and We can say that the end of the show shows that the chicks had flown away and moved to their careers.

Source : refinery29.com

Well, some of the fans also say that the show can successfully have continue . Without any trouble if only every time the family drama didn’t occur.

And it is right to say that the show has a significant impact on the Television Industry. When KUTWK was first premiered in 2006, many people are seemed to be confused about the premise. People say that ” Who would want to watch a bunch of rich people try to become famous? Well, it turns out a whole lot of people wanted to watch.

As the industry executives caught on to just how successful the format will be. The world gets a similar type of series that is followed by the show “Keeping up with Kardashians”..

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