My Two-Year-Old Daughter Is Different From Yours; I Am A Good Mom-Cardi B Bashes Negativity Off Her Daughter’s Instagram Account


Cardi B did away with all the negative comments on her daughter having an Instagram account by claiming herself to be a good mother. She also mentioned that her “two-year-old” daughter is different from others.

Cardi B On Her Daughter’s Instagram Account

The Grammy-winning rapper tweeted on Saturday, informing everybody who bothered for her daughter having an Instagram account, saying; it’s for her(daughters) business ventures.

Cardi B’s daughter’s Instagram account is for to be a boss.


Cardi B mentioned; she made an account because she felt like and also;

“It’s going to be her business, her stuff, and she is going to be the boss.”

She answered back those who said; it’s weird for a two-year-old to have an account, by saying that her daughter is different from the rest two-year-old kids. She stated; stop staying stuff, my daughter is well protected. I always protect my kid, and if not anything else, I am good at being a mother, she added.

She revealed that her daughter’s business ventures are going to launch soon and therefore requested to stop saying word stuff and enjoy the business ventures when launched.

Cardi B Models The Corset Mini Dress

Cardi B posted a video on Instagram in a white and pearly corset mini dress.

She is looking sizzlingly hot in the outfit. The rapper is singing her song, WAP, in the video. Her caption thanked @tokyostylez in the caption for her hairdo.