Donald Trump Felt Proud And Said To Bob Woodward That He Has Appointed Many Judges In Comparison With George Washington

Donald Trump

On a recent interview, president Donald Trump said boastfully that he has broken the records for appointing judges. However, it’s true that he has assigned many judges in different states of the country. He then Compares himself with the George Washington who gave successfuly 100 per cent appointmented the judges.

Donald Trump Conversation With Bob Woodward

Generally, president Trump always talks about his achievements and he did the same during an interview with Bob Woodward. They both co-operated with eachother and released the book name “the Rage”. During the interview he siad that the Leader of Senate ‘Mitch McConnel’ was in obessessed for appointing new judges in the states.

It was quite surprising though, that Barak Obama left the white house with the vacancies of 100 in many courts in the country. However, after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it has become quite difficault to assign a new judge. The supreme wants to appoint great judges who will be as knowlegeable as Ginsburg.

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Why Democrats Disagreed With The Decision To Assign A New Judge?

However, the Democrats disagree with the decision to assign a new judge to replace Ginsburg. Trump and McConell have planned to appoint another judge but the Democrats said that the eleciton is almost near and the winner will decide the new judge. Trump said that he has to assign 10 new ambassadors and another single judge through the permission of Senate.

Although, Trump has requested for another 187 judges into th federal branch. In this, four judges will be court judges and the rest two will sent to Supreme court.

During the intview, Bob Woodward pointed out a fact that, Jimmy Carter from Democrat group never tried to nominate any judge during his presidency. But in reply, Trump said mockingly that he deserved none.

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