Amanda Holden: Spotted Near Global Studios And Flaunted Herself! Click To Know How She Manages Her Time Well!?


Amanda Holden, the actress, could be spotted on an elegant green silk dress. She ornamented herself with a pair of white heels and a black handbag.She could be seen near Global Studios. However, daily she puts on a sensational display as well. On Monday, It seems the gorgeous star has been up to her old tricks.

Moreover, the 49-year-old star looked extraordinarily remarkable in a green teal coloured dress. She was preparing for her another day at Heart FM. The star got her dress from high street giant Reiss and was slaying. Sunglasses covered her eyes from the hard sun rays. However, those added a chic look to her overall appearance.

The actress had her hairs lose and wavy, flaunting her cute black handbag. Britain’s Got Talent has her as head judge. Still, she makes her way here and there as well.

Travel And Relax

Whenever she gets time, she relaxes, even amidst the busy schedule. This weekend, she made her way to Cliveden House in Berkshire.

Amanda shared a lot of cute pictures in her social media handles with her hubby. She and Chris Hughes took the trips together. After posting photos, they shared their sizzling selfie on the lounge and bed.

Holden was on a white dressing gown over a black lacy top. She was reading the book, The Mistresses Of Cliveden and shared pictures as well.