Justin Bieber Makes A Comeback With His New Track ‘Holy’ And Surprises His Fans Outside Fire Station. What The Singer Is Upto? – Secrets Revealed!


After taking a break for a whole three years, Justin Bieber, the heartthrob since his teens is back in the game. Yes, it’s been three years since he produced a solo-music. But it seems 2020 has a lot of action in for the Canadian singer. Be it his marriage with Hailey Baldwin or his ‘yummy’ comeback single back in January, Beiber is rocking in it all. And then a month later his star-studded album ‘changes’ rocked the scoreboard. And then the pandemic hit the world. Well, in May it did seem a collaborative effort between Arianna Grande and Beiber. They sing a charity single then named as ‘stuck with U’.

Beliebers drooling over Bieber’s ‘Holy.’

And now, in September of 2020 one of the worst years on Earth to be believed, Justin made a came back with his single. Now, this single never expects you to think that Justin is holier than us. Well, technically, yeah! The singer’s manager Scooter Braun, comments that Beiber has moved into a ‘new Era’. And now, today, the world got a shock when the ‘Holy’ song streamed. It so seemed that the dawn did bring something new. This is also new collaborative teamwork with chance the rapper. Furthermore, Beiber told his fans at the start of the year that he is at a place where he should be, and God has kept him where he wants him to be.

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And as you proceed to listen to the song he just produced, it is all about how much love and lust he feels for his partner. He confesses that he doesn’t need Nirvana if his partner is with her.

Justin Gave The Kids A Surprise Of Lifetime!

Justin Bieber then gave the surely of a lifetime to a bunch of his fans. The kids were dancing to his new song, and he quietly sneaked on them. He didn’t reveal himself until later. His entry made people shock as hell, and their stomachs started to churn. His entry was legit jaw-dropping. The Canadian singer made his way on Friday to a fire station in West Hollywood. Here, there were a bunch of teenagers practising to the moves of his new song.

Justin has heard rumours of the kid’s dance practice over there, and he decided to grace them with their presence. He stood there, watching the kids silently and later revealed himself. They all then gathered for an adorable pic. Way to go beliebers!

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