Iran In Return Of Soleimani’s Killing To Assassinate A US Diplomat?

Source: Daily Mail

Iran is planning to assassinate the U.S. ambassador to South Africa. This is considered as a revenge two killing of its generalQassemSoleimani.

Iran Versus America.

Lana Marks with her husband.

U.S. officials state that they have been informed regarding the threats Towards their South African ambassador, Lana marks. The plot set against Marks is believed to be an action in retaliation of the killing of Iran’s general QassemSoleimani. QassemSoleimaniled the Quds force, which is a unit of Iran’ Islamic revolutionary guard corps.

The U.S. blames Qassemfor the death of several American troops in the region. However, there has been an act of realization earlier. Iran had “accidentally” taken down a passenger aircraft killing 176 people.

However, the Us killed Soleimaniin January by a U.S. drone strike. Iranian embassy in South Africa’s capital is reportedly known to be a part of the plot against Lana.

According to American officials, the threats towards Marks were known from spring, but the intelligence details became more specific in recent weeks.

Lana And Trump

Lana and Trump have known each other for more than 20 years now. She was assigned as us ambassador to South Africa last October. Marks and her husband are both members of Donald’s Mar-a-Lago club.

Lana was a handbag designer and was known for her 6 figure handbags. Her designs were famous amongst A-listers celebrities like Angelina Jolie.

However, Lana is allegedly targeted due to her long term friendship with Trump. Lana has been informed about the threat.