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g, qi, Terrorist Attack of 9/11 left everyone devastated. Americans pay tribute!

Americans Remembering 9/11 As The Time Of Terrorist Attack And Unity!

America observes 19th Anniversary of the massive terrorist attack that has written the history. Yes, it’s been 19 years to the 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks. America yet again copes up with the enormous loss because of the pandemic. So many fell on those attacks, and so many are declining due to the virus.

The hijackers hijacked 19 years before the flights of New York City, Washington, Pennsylvania. And not much later did they crashed all the flights in the WORLD TRADE CENTER. The pentagon was crushed, and the people who died were in massive numbers. And this year in a field of Shanksville, relatives of the dead were seen standing there six feet apart. They wore masks on their faces and paid their respects to all of them who lost their lives in the tragedy.

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Firefighters salute in front of Ladder 10 Engine 10 near the 9/11 memorial on Friday. Not only did they paid respects for the lives lost then but they did it for now as well. Over 190,000 people lost their lives in the corona pandemic as well.

Strictly at ET 08:46 AM first flight was crashed at the north side of the world trade centre building. And in this year people of the loved ones gathered there to pay the respects and to remember that they are still with them.

NASA astronaut Jonny Kim tweeted the pictures of the 9/11 terror attack. The images were captured from the international space station by then astronaut Frank Culbertson. The day is marked as the ‘ never forgotten’ He further tweeted that we would never forget and always honour the people who gave up their lives.

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