Amanda Kloots Opens Up About Her Struggles Of Being A Single-Working Mother!


Amanda Kloots Opens Up About Her Struggles Of Being A Single-Working Mother!

Amanda Kloots, a 38-year-old, opens up about her struggles of being a single mother. Apart from being a newly single mother, she is also a fitness expert. She even mentioned that she runs two businesses at the same time. On Wednesday, she made a heartfelt Instagram post exclaiming the struggle of her single motherhood.

While opening up, Amanda shared a photo of hugging her one-year-old son Elvis. She said that no one is ever mentally prepared for being a parent. On top of that, she had to breastfeed her son. She is also a fitness expert and runs businesses too. And she needs to give some time to her child. She manages everything on her own. She also added that sometimes she needs help which she never considers as a weakness, but strength.

Amanda said, ‘One big lesson I’ve learned in life is that it is OK to ask for help. I would not be standing right now if I didn’t have help! I believe it shows a sign of strength, not weakness.’

At the end of the post, she recommended an app named Peanut, which helps one to connect with the nearby women in an area. The app ensures that no one ever feels lonely.

She said, “It’s a special pocket of people who really care about togetherness and family. As hard as this new normal is, I’m very grateful for the community of women I have around me. When women support women amazing things happen! Being able to ask questions and get advice from other women on @peanut has really helped me navigate my new role as a single mother.”

‘Whether you’re looking for a friend to go on a walk with or just someone to listen and offer support without judgment, the app is a great support network,’ Amanda continued. She mentioned women who work together as ‘incredible’.

Amanda’s Instagram stories also show photos from her late husband, Nick Cordero’s Rock of Ages dressing room. She was also found to try some of those iconic outfits. She also tried the last outfit that Nick wore.