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Racism At Its Peak. As A Bank Employee Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mask Gets Harassed By Trump Supporter

The anti-racist i.e the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement have sparked in the entire nation. As people are speaking and protesting against racial discrimination and abuse in the country.

Bank Employee Harassed For Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mask

This incident took place in Wells Fargo in Los Angeles Bank where a white woman streamed a Facebook live video harassing an employee. So a woman name Victoria Redstall who is apparently a Trump supporter created all this commotion. Actually she went to the bank to get her work done.

Black Lives Matter

But that is when she spotted an employee wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ mask. Thus she started live streaming. And in the video she was trying to confront the employee. As she was also trying to narrate to the viewers of her stream that something is not right in this back.

And the reason is that one of the employee is a supporter of ‘Black Lives Matter’ moment.

And that according to her is a terror movement.  Therefore that particular employee is a part of this terror group. Moreover she said that she has already complained to the manager about this but got no response.

Thus she went and tells the employee that he is not supposed to wear the Black Lives Matter mask inside the bank premise. And that is when the manager saw her filming everything and thus asked her not to. Because it is not allowed to record anything inside the bank premise.

But the right-wing supporter continued to argue. And kept on yelling that the man wearing that particular mask is really dangerous. Therefore they should take action against him. So this bizarre incident show us actually how racism is still very much a part of the nation.

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The Consequence

As she continued her live stream even when she was asked to stop. The bank actually decided to close her account. And they also gave a statement saying that the Woman violated the bank rules.

Black Lives Matter
Source: The Economist

But recently Redstall streamed another live video claiming that she will get her account back. And that is because of the fact that she is quite popular on social media.

And has a good fan following. Although we cannot really trust her until the bank actually issues a public statement!

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