Apple: Next iPhone Might Come Without A Power Adapter In The Box

Apple has now wrapped up WWDC for this year, where they revealed iOS 14, as is tradition. However, they can now turn their eyes to this year’s iPhone. They’ll likely call it the iPhone 12, and it might be a big departure from last year’s iPhone 11 lineup.

Analyst Predicts Apple Will Remove Power Adapter From Retail Box

Based on the rumours we’ve been hearing for the past few months, iPhone 12 will be a complete redesign. That might not be the only huge change they make with it, though. MacRumors reported on a prediction from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

He claims that the next Apple iPhone won’t have a power adapter in the box. It may still come with a charging cable. So, users may still be able to charge their new iPhone if they connect it to a computer. However, if you want to plug your iPhone into the wall, you may have to shell out extra.


Apple Reportedly Working On 20W Charging Adapter

Apple is apparently working on a 20W fast-charging adapter, up from its current 18W Type-C adapter. This is an adapter that’s reportedly going to work with iPads as well. This may sound absolutely ridiculous, but there are a couple of reasons as to why Apple may go in this direction.

For one, not having a power adapter will reduce the size of the box itself. This means Apple may be able to ship more of them at a time. This would make shipping the Apple iPhone more eco-friendly.

5G Costs May Force Apple To Cut Corners

However, it’s likely that most of the people who pick up this new iPhone will also want the power adapter.¬†Shipping separate units of the power adapter might cut down on the environmental benefits anyway.

The bigger reason why Apple is apparently doing this is to offset costs. The next iPhone is going to support 5G, which makes producing them that much more expensive. Apple isn’t afraid to make drastic decisions whenever they see fit. They may very well end up doing this.

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