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Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston Are Secretly Jealous Of Brad’s New Girlfriend ‘Nicole Poturalski’

Brad’s ex-wives Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were comparing themselves with Nicole Poturalski. However, Nicole has always revealed her glamorous look, and she knows how to make other stars to fall back.

Nicole Poturalski has shared many snaps which have let Brad’s ex-wives doubt their beauty. Since, when fans came to know about Brad’s secretly relationship, the people have started to judge Angelina Jolie in comparison with German Model Nicole.

Here’s How Nicole Teased Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston With Her Snaps

Judging of Nicoles’s snaps, they are quite similar with Jennifer Aniston look. It could be the reason why a 55 years young heart has yet again fallen in love with a german.

Nicole also tried to Echo with her appealing nineties Harido hairstyle. She dressed like when Jennifer was married to Brad, and they were considered as a ‘golden couple’.

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However, she has not become the whole picture of Rachel, but her appealing beauty is enough for Brad to love her.

The Current Status Of Brad And Nicole Relationship

The report revealed that this couple headed off to Paris and kissed each other at the airport. They planned to visit Chateau, which is located in the South of France, to enjoy their vacation.

The surprising thing about Nicole is that she is currently married to Roland Mary. She also has a beautiful child and takes utmost care of her.

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The reports revealed that Nicole and Brad met each other in one of Roland’s restaurant. Nicole and Roland have agreed in the past that they can maintain an open relationship with anyone. Therefore he is not so jealous of Brad being Nicole’s Boyfriend.

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