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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt In Custody Battle. Consequences await?
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Angelina Jolie And Bradd Pitt Tangled In The Custody Battle. What Will Be The Consequences?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been trending in news headlines for many days. Be it Pitt’s new hookup with the model Nicole Poturalski or the children’s custody with Jolie. Though their battle of divorce was ongoing, the custody of their six children was put on hold for a while. And it seems that now it has been resurfaced again. The media is all over the couple’s place asking for their interviews and what is the plan for their further case. However, reports say that Brad Pitt will ask for 50 – 50 custody of his children in court proceedings. The court sessions are said to start from this Monday and will soon take its course. This high profile couple parted their ways in 2016 and since they are continuously in a legal battle.

Jolie And Pitt Stuck In A Custody Battle!

Latest reports state facts that Pitt does not doubt Jolie’s love for their six children. Named – Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne and Knox. But Brad is hell bent to take the legal route for his children to stay with him too. It also says that Brad wants the case to have a 50 -50 bondage and it should stay in place. While on the other hand, Angelina Jolie wants it all to be fair as we all know how structured she regards her kids. Moreover, Brad too has high hopes that the ex- couple can make the co- parenting thing work this time. Because they have come to a conclusion and an arrangement in 2018, but it fell apart. Rumours said that it happened because of Pitt getting involved with his new girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski.

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However, in recent months Angelina filed a complaint against the judge overlooking their case. She said that because the judge was having connections with Pitt, he was being partial or so she felt. Judge of their case then resigned from it and also defended himself that he would never take side of any one party. Sources also say that Jolie would never let any harm come to the children as she loves them a lot. Obviously there are things he doesn’t approve of but he is sure of her parenting and feels no shame in confessing that. 

Pitt Tried His Best To Avoid Legal Battle!

Pitt also said that he has tried all he can to avoid to bring the family situation to court. But he also says that he is left with no other option but to go legal on it now. Angelina wants this case to be over more than anything. Brad was also spotted at Jolie’s house a few times in August. Sadly, their relationship soured again. This happened because of the complaint Angel did against the judge who was a close colleague of Pitt. Sources reported that Brad was extremely disappointed about this issue and was not very happy. “Brad says Angelina has gone way too far this time…He’s left with no other option but to dig in and fight back—hard,” the source said.

Let’s wait to see the consequences to this years long battle the couple has been entangled in.

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