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Andrew Cuomo: Governor Andrew Cuomo accuses Donald Trump for causing the ‘covid outbreak in New York,that is a fact’

After blaming China for the global pandemic, now countries are accusing real world leaders. The accuses are for not being able to handle the pandemic and destroying the economic viability. Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald trump have indulged into war of words which escalated on Tuesday.

New York going through financial crisis
source: mediate times

They both attempted to put allegations on each other to destroy the economical conditions of New york City and state , in context of COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump, tweeted requesting Cuomo to reopen the rest of New York City, which still remains closed to indoor dining. Whereas, Cuomo called on Trump to support the federal aid for the five boroughs.

This is the not the first time they have had a verbal war. Previously, Trump ordered federal agencies to find ways to cut funding to New York City amidst the ride in crime.

He tweeted that New York City must stop the “Shutdown now.” “The Governor & Mayor are destroying the place!”

This is where the conflict started. The unemployment rate has risen in august due to New York City on a lockdown.

Department of labor, industries, Malls won’t be opening in New York until next week. Other businesses had also been asked to shutdown permanently which is directly affecting this economy.

Cuomo and health officials in New York state had already agreed to implement a slow process for state’s reopening in the five boroughs to avoid a significant second wave of the virus.
Indoor dining is still not allowed in New York.

In some other part of the state the permission has been granted. In the risk of noncompliance Cuomo said “We know the local governments were very slow to provide additional enforcement.”

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But without indoor dining, New York City and the state is losing a significant economic booster. It is already reeling from the COVID-19 crisis.

New York City is facing a budget deficit of $9 billion going into the next fiscal year. New York state expects a $30 billion budget gap over the next two years, according to the state Division of Budget.

Cuomo has asked the federal government to fill that gap, which is estimated to be as much as $53 billion. It includes the state’s other needs, like financial assistance to the city’s subway system after a sharp decline in ridership amidst the pandemic.

Irrespective of the needs,The Republicans in congress and Trump have blocked proposals to provide significant infusions of aid to state and local government. Even though they have faced major losses during the pandemic.

They have, however, approved aid towards individual relief.
“Why? Because they’re playing politics,” Cuomo said. “They don’t want to help Democratic states. They don’t want to help Democratic cities. This is a war on cities.”

Andrew Cuomo blames President Donald Trump:

Andrew Cuomo blames President Donald trump
Source: nytimes

Cuomo, has entirely put the blame on Trump of the COVID-19 crisis in New York.
“Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York,” Cuomo.

Cuomo also made statements regarding the allegations on him:
“Why didn’t you stop the virus? The virus kills many more Americans than anything you were worried about on the southern border. This nation loses more people per day to COVID than any nation on the globe.”

Congress has scheduled to return to Washington, D.C., by end of this week. They will surely come down to point negotiations to continue on the next round of stimulus funding.

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