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On The Ground? Football Match Forced To Stop After Animal Interference - The Tech Education
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Alpaca On The Ground? Football Match Forced To Stop After Animal Interference

An alpaca named Oscar, galloped onto the pitch from a nearby farm, interrupting a game between Carlton Athletic and Ilkley Town.

Oscar hastened into the field during an ongoing match between Carlton Athletic and Ilkley Town. He reportedly fled from a nearby farm, and his video has gone viral! According to club chairman Richard Giles, Ilkley’s COVID-19 officer, Claire Armstrong, who is also the wife of the first-team coach, filmed the video on her mobile.

Claire was on a call and apologised. She said I’ve got to put the phone down. She informed that there’s an alpaca on the pitch. Oscar appeared just five minutes before half-time. The animal, and brushed off any possible attempts to usher it off the ground. It happened for so long that players were left feeling cold by the time game resumed.

“I’ve been watching football and playing football 40 years and never seen anything like this,” said Mr Giles. In spite of the delay, Ilkley, went on to win the game in Wakefield 2-0 with goals from Tom Fleming and Joe Chilaka.

Last season they after narrowly missed out on a step up.

The club had high hopes to achieve advancement to semi-professional status this season.

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However, Oscar proved as a lucky charm for the club. The chairman said they were considering recruiting an alpaca as a mascot to spur the team on.

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“There’s a farm closer to where we are that we plan to get in touch with,” continued Mr Giles. However, according to Carlton fan Gavin Shoesmith, the allegiances of Oscar himself lie elsewhere.

“Oscar the alpaca is an avid Carlton fan and often is spotted engrossed in the games on a Saturday.”

“This week he’d had enough after a shocking first half by the referee and decided he was having none of it and vaulted the fence.”

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