Alex and Prince Henry are cast in the 'Red, White, and Royal Blue' movie: All Cast Details

Alex and Prince Henry are cast in the ‘Red, White, and Royal Blue’ movie: All Cast Details


The well-known book Red, White, and Royal Blue will be turned into a movie by Amazon and Berlanti/Schechter Films. Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine will lead the cast.

Alex Claremont-Diaz (Perez), the Mexican-American son of the country’s newly elected president, is cast as the American version of a young royal right away in the romantic comedy.

The logline says, “His image is pure gold for marketing to millennials because he is handsome, charismatic, and smart. The only problem is that Alex has a long-running feud with Prince Henry, who is a royal figure on the other side of the pond (Galitzine). When the tabloids get a picture of the two of them fighting, things get worse between the U.S. and Britain.

Heads of family, state, and other handlers come up with a plan to stop the situation from getting worse: setting up a truce between the two rivals. What starts out as a fake friendship for Instagram ends up being more real and important than either Alex or Henry could have imagined. Soon, Alex is swept up in a secret relationship with the surprisingly casual Henry, which could hurt his mother’s re-election campaign and turn two countries upside down.

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  • Alex Claremont-Diaz is the First Son of the United States and the brother of June Claremont-Diaz. The book is written from his perspective.
  • Henry Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor is a British prince and third in line to the British throne
  • June Claremont-Diaz is the First Daughter of the United States and the sister of Alex Claremont-Diaz
  • Ellen Claremont is the first female President of the United States. A Democrat from Texas, she is the mother of Alex and June Claremont-Diaz and the ex-wife of Oscar Diaz.
  • Zahra Bankston is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Ellen Claremont.
  • Nora Holleran is the granddaughter of Vice-President Mike Holleran. Along with Alex and June Claremont-Diaz, she makes up the ‘White House Trio’.
  • Percy ‘Pez’ Okonjo is the best friend of Prince Henry. He is the founder of several charities and non-profit organizations.
  • Beatrice Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor is the older sister of Prince Henry and the younger sister of Prince Phillip. She is a recovering cocaine addict, an addiction that was developed after her father’s death. She is the fourth in line for the throne.


Alex Claremont-Diaz is the son of the first female president of the United States, who is preparing to compete for re-election in 2020. Following a mishap at a royal wedding, Alex is forced to pretend to be friends with Britain’s Prince Henry in order to prevent a full-fledged diplomatic and media crisis from distracting from his mother’s election campaign.

While the original goal is to limit the damage, the two eventually become friends. When Henry comes out as gay and Alex discovers he is bisexual, they become romantically connected. They must reconcile this with their global standing while not jeopardizing his mother’s re-election.

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Is Red, White, and Royal Blue acceptable?

Red, White, and Royal Blue is a great light book for older teens and young adults who like classic romantic comedies. As long as you don’t take it too seriously, it’s full of clichés and romance that you’ll love.

Is there a movie called “Red, White, and Royal Blue?”

Matthew López made history on Sunday when he became the first Latino playwright to win the Tony Award for best play. His first movie as a director will be “Red, White, and Royal Blue,” an LGBTQ+ romantic comedy. The movie is based on Casey McQuiston’s 2019 best-selling book of the same name.

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