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Woman's Demonic Meltdown !! Creating Chaos In The Flight Is Getting Viral... - The Tech Education
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A Video Showing Woman’s Demonic Meltdown !! Creating Chaos In The Flight Is Getting Viral…

These days viral videos on the internet keep on trending. Videos that are somewhat different trend within no time.
Recently, one such video has gone viral on social media. This video has been shot in a plane. However, this video is not shot professionally. But has been shot secretly.

This video comes from an onboard plane. This video has been reported from a flight scheduled for Michigan. In the video, a lady can be seen creating chaos in the flight. The lady is seen in casual trousers and a top. The flight is also filled with the passengers. However, there are seats which remain vacant. Probably, to ensure social distancing the seats have remained vacant.

Source: Google

The surfaced video shows the lady screaming all over the flight. And can be heard screaming aloud. The woman didn’t even stop here. She went on further to create a scene. She climbed on the top of the seats onto her heels. And then screamed.

She can also be seen hitting the luggage cabin. The crew present inside the flight tried to control this lady. In fact, a crew member went to this lady and asked her to get back to her seat.

Source: Google

But, she didn’t pay any attention to her. A fellow passenger present in the flight can be heard saying that the lady must have taken some drugs.

In fact, he claimed that this lady was alright before going to the bathroom. Therefore, he is of the opinion that the woman has taken the drugs inside the bathroom. The whole video was shot by a passenger in the flight secretly.

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