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uu, 42, e7, z2, ywh, 8, 7zw, Queen Furious As Staff Members Revolted Against An Order!! Here Are The Exclusive Details... - The Tech Education
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Queen Furious As Staff Members Revolted Against An Order!! Here Are The Exclusive Details…

The royal family of Britain is the centre of attraction to any news agency. But from the past few days, the news coming in from the royal family sources are not good. First, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sparked off the controversy by entering into the US elections.

And now a new controversy related to Buckingham Palace has circulated. News from the royal sources has come up that is directly linked with the Queen. Sources are claiming that the Royal Household staff has revolted against one of the orders.

Source: Google

It has come up in the light that the royal family wants household staff to remain in Coronavirus bubble at the Sandringham palace. This decision has been taken due to the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

But, the staff of around 20 members is completely reluctant to do so. Because to go into the Covid bubble means to get separated from your dear ones for at least a month. However, they don’t want to get separated from their loved ones and that too during the festival.

Source: Google

Therefore, they have shown their reluctance to follow the decision. This reluctance from the staffers will ultimately hit the Queen’s celebrations of Christmas. It will mean that the Queen will not be able to enjoy the festival outside the palace.

And hence, she is expected to remain inside Windsor Castle. It will be the first time ever in 33 years that the Queen will celebrate Christmas there only. However, close sources of the royal family are claiming that the Queen is so furious about this reluctance by the staffers on this decision.

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