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What Is The Reason Behind It? Click To Know The Whole Story - The Tech Education
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A ‘Jealous’ New Married Man Beat His Wife To Death! What Is The Reason Behind It? Click To Know The Whole Story

Stepan Dolgikh, who had a past homicide conviction, has been confined in Russia on doubt of murdering spouse Oksana Poludentseva, to death. Oksana was only 36.

Oksana became more acquainted with him while he was in jail and accepted she could tame him as indicated by police.

Witnesses said the beating started when the lucky man became ” jealous” of one more visitor at their liquor fuelled wedding party in a private house in Prokudskoye town, Novosibirsk district.

Boss specialist Kirill Petrushin disclosed to NGS news organisation that he started to punch and kick her external the house.

Even, he kept on assaulting her inside the house. However, he pushed her out into the road, where he additionally kept on striking her.

Envious Rage

The beast at that point unloaded her body into a close-by gorge.

Different visitors were allegedly too frightened even to consider intervening however they called police.

The lucky man was kept at the scene by the Russian National Guard.

Dolgikh admitted to the executing, said Petrushin, senior local investigator of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The suspect has been remanded in guardianship for a very long time as the murder examination proceeds.

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