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5 Fool Proof Hacks That’ll Prolong Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

We live in a technological age where most of us are attached to our smartphones. They are pretty much an extension of ourselves, and we use them not just for communication but to manage all aspects of our digital lives. Some would go as far as to say that the smartphone is now the place where we live.

Sure, you may be surfing the net researching something. Maybe you’re working on your overdue uni assignment, or perhaps you’re playing some online slots and want to find a guide about no deposit bonuses and free spins casinos. Whatever it is, if you stumble upon an interesting read, you want to make sure your battery life’s not knocking on its deathbed!

To ensure you are able to get the most out of your smartphone device and that it can be fully functional at the moment, you need it most, we’ve come up with some top tips to help prolong your smartphone battery life.

Figure Out What Drains Your Battery

Let’s start by doing some research. Before you can tackle prolonging your smartphone’s battery life, you’ll need to figure out what causes it to drain so quickly in the first place. Explore your phone settings and find a battery life health report. This will tell you whether or not the apps on your phone are running normally. You should see a warning if any particular app is draining excessive amounts of power by running in the background. You should be given a full breakdown of services as well as information on how much of your battery power has been depleted and a prediction on how long the battery is likely to last on the current usage pattern.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi When They Aren’t In Use

An easy way to ensure your battery last longer on a single charge is to ensure the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not left on when they aren’t in use, as this drains the battery unnecessarily by scanning for networks to potentially connect to. However, it isn’t going to be a big deal if you are just someone moving from one place with Wi-Fi to another, such as your home and office. However, if you are spending a day out where you’ll generally be using mobile data as opposed to Wi-Fi, it makes sense to turn off the Wi-Fi to save battery power.

Reduce Your Screen Brightness

While cheaper phones tend to have fairly dull displays, the better phones on the market have such high brightness settings that they can actually hurt your eyes or cause eye strain. While high levels of brightness can be handy when using your device on a sunny day, in most instances, this just serves to drain your smartphone battery. Simply access your phone’s display setting to reduce the phone’s brightness level using the slider. It is also wise to disable adaptive brightness if your phone has this setting. Although adaptive brightness is a clever feature that changes the brightness as required, it tends to be easily fooled by indoor lighting.

Be More Mindful About Selecting The Notifications You Receive

Every app on your phone will want to notify you about some update at one point or another. However, we all know that some notifications are more valuable than others. In fact, constant notifications just become annoying at some point. In terms of battery life, every time you pick up your phone to check a notification, wake the screen and launch the app, you use battery power. Access your app notification settings and select which apps you wish to receive notifications from, and disable the notifications from apps you’d instead check manually.

Enable Power Saving Mode

You’ll find that most good-quality smartphones these days have power-saving features. Enabling the power-saving mode will help you manage your phone’s various power-draining functions. For instance, this mode will prevent apps from updating in the background; it will dim your display screen, disable on-screen animations, reduce the screen timeout setting and turn off vibration – all of which are activities that serve to suck power from the battery. You’ll find that on many smartphones, the power-saving mode turns on automatically when the battery level falls below 20 percent. However, it is also possible to ask for this to kick in at 30 percent battery power instead.

At the end of the day, the sooner the phone switches to power-saving mode, the longer the battery will last. Each phone manufacturer designs its power-saving mode slightly differently. Some have an ultra-power-saving function that can turn everything off and only allow you to make traditional phone calls and send text messages. In some cases, it will actually turn the display black and white to save additional battery power. The great thing about ultra-power saving mode is that it can provide up to an extra 24 hours of emergency power even if the battery level falls to 15 per cent.

In short, we rely on our smartphones for much more than simple communication these days. It is, therefore, in our interests to ensure our battery lasts as long as possible. While many people find it is handy to carry around a power bank as an additional option, there are some really straightforward hacks to help prolong the battery life. Taking the time to learn and implement these hacks won’t take long or impact the quality of your phone usage, so what are you waiting for?

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