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Did Zac Efron Get Plastic Surgery? Everything You Need To Know

zac efron plastic surgery

zac efron plastic surgery

If you’re a fan of Zac Efron – or just someone who’s been curious about the rumors that he may have had some plastic surgery to improve his jawline – then this article is for you!

Zac Efron made people think he had plastic surgery after he was on Bill Nye’s Earth Day! The Musical in April 2021. As people zoomed in on his face, they noticed that Zac’s jaw and lips looked especially full. This led to a lot of talk on social media that he was pregnant.

Some people defended Zac’s right to be in charge of his own body, while others criticized him for what they thought was his choice. Now, Zac has talked about what happened to his jaw in a new interview. Did he change his looks? Here’s what happened.

Did Zac Efron Get Plastic Surgery?

At first, some fans thought Zac had injections, which would mean that any changes to his jaw and cheeks would not last. In an April 2021 interview with OK!, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said, “Zac does look different, with a wider jaw, especially on the right.” I guess it’s possible that he got filler injections to change the shape of his jaw.”

Dr. Chris Funderburk, another plastic surgeon, said at the time that Zac may have “fallen victim to the overfilled face with facial fillers.” This often happens when a patient finds a cosmetic injector (often a celebrity) they trust, but the injector either 1) doesn’t know how to make the face look good or 2) keeps giving injections to a wealthy client to make more money.

Zac finally put an end to the rumors about his changing looks when he talked to Men’s Health for their October 2022 issue. The actor has been very open about his struggles with body image, especially since he worked out so hard to get his 2017 Baywatch body. Zac said that training so hard for so long was making him sick to the point where he couldn’t keep it up.

“I started having trouble sleeping, and I was depressed for a long time. Something about that event made me feel like crap. I had a hard time getting my mind back on track. In the end, they decided it was because she took too many diuretics for too long, which messed something up “Zac says.

The actor from “The Greatest Showman” finally said that four years ago, he broke his jaw in a scary accident that had nothing to do with how hard he worked out. “He was running through his house in his socks when he slipped and hit his chin on the granite corner of a fountain,” interviewer Lauren Larson writes. He lost consciousness, and when he came to, his chin bone was hanging off his face, as he remembers.

The interviewer said that Zac told her that the masseter muscles, which are used for chewing, work with the other facial muscles “like a symphony.” When he was hurt, the muscles on the inside of his face and jaw had to make up for it.

Zac said that he had been going to a specialist and doing physical therapy to help with this problem, but that he had stopped doing these things while he was in Australia during the pandemic. “The masseters just kept getting bigger and bigger,” he said.

Fans are just glad that Zac is okay after what sounds like a scary accident. The Greatest Beer Run Ever, his new movie, will be shown in theatres and on Apple TV Plus on September 30, 2022.

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