YouTube TV Will Support The PlayStation 4 In The Not-Too-Distant Future


This is excellent news for owners provided the recent news.

The motive came to light in the first place is because, this past year, Sony announced plans See an official statement sooner rather than later.

After all, It is not apparent when YouTube TV will arrive PS4, but I would bet we will Thread regarding service for Sony 4. There’s never been an program to utilize the TV service that is live to the games console, but it appears you may not be too much off.

The YouTube TV of google, despite some hiccups, has been demonstrated to be among the streaming selections for TV. Now, official 4 service is being teased by engineers to the stage for YouTube TV.


To shut its PlayStation Vue live TV streaming support because the competition is becoming really great. Because of this, together with YouTube TV being the company recommendation, Sony has been advising clients and telling them to try different choices.

A confirmed YouTube TV engineer weighed on a Reddit in this week There is no deadline attached, but the programmer states only that consumers must”hang tight, so it will not be long now.” PlayStation Vue shuts down January 30.

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