YouTube Stops Copyright Holders From Taking Creator Revenue Over Short Music Clips


YouTube’s copyright system can sometimes be a double-edged sword. For Some YouTube founders, the use of short music clips in their own movies has seen copyright holders and music companies become the source of lost revenue. Now, YouTube is making adjustments to prevent that.

In a site post, YouTube explains the Manual Claiming tool has been upgraded to make things logical for creators on the stage. Especially, YouTube is forbidding copyright holders from accepting the monetization from videos that use very short clips from a tune or unintentional inclusion, such as audio playing in the background and out of their creator’s control.

Notably, this will not change how the Content ID system automatically Flags a movie. Also, the copyright holder may still take down monetization on the video or block the infringing content. By eliminating the ability for copyright holders to take the monetization from a founder’s video, YouTube expects they’ll simply leave the material alone.


This follows on a guarantee from this past April Where YouTube stated it needed to deal with this abuse difficulty for the interest of its founders. Obviously, YouTube recommends that content that is unlicensed is used by founders as far as they can to avoid this issue in the first location.

These new policies take effect in mid-September for many manual claims.

One regarding trend we have seen is competitive manual Certainly one of very short music clips used in monetized videos. These claims can feel particularly unfair, as they move all earnings from the creator to the claimant, regardless of the total amount of music maintained.

Including someone else’s content without permission How short the clip is means your video can nevertheless be claimed and Copyright owners will still have the ability to prevent monetization or block the From being viewed video. However our policies will From using our Manual Claiming tool to monetize, forbid copyright owners Founder videos with quite short or unintentional uses of audio. This Where the, change only claims together with the Manual Claiming tool Rightsholder is actively reviewing the video. Claims the Content ID game system, which are the Huge majority, Aren’t affected By this policy. With no option to monetize, some copyright owners May opt to leave very short or casual uses unclaimed. Others May opt to prevent monetization of the movie. And some May opt to apply a block coverage.

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