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YouTube Music
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YouTube Music: A Replacement To Google Play Store Now Hits 500 Million Downloads

Google is an American Tech-Giant, we all know for their internet-related services and products. Larry Page and Sergey Brin have developed the company in 1998. Google is famous for its search engine. The company not only provides web services like Online Advertising, Search Engines, cloud computing but also design Softwares and Hardware equipment. Google is among the top four in the technology segment(Big Four). They are famous for their Google Play Services on smartphones, they are very useful and quite reliable to use. We all know about Google Play Music, which is their famous music streaming service. Google Play Music was replaced by Youtube Music and it has hit 500 Million Downloads.

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YouTube Music Finally Hits 500 Million Downloads

Google Play Music is one of the famous Google Play Service. Google Play Music was once a music and podcast streaming surface by Google. This platform is available on several platforms such as Android, Android TV, iOS, and few Web browsers. When it comes to YouTube Music, it is a replacement of Google Play Music. On YouTube Music, users can listen to songs, make playlists, and listen to different genres.

YouTube Music does support Free services to users, to enjoy all the services users need to subscribe to YouTube premium. The Premium services include premium services such as ad-free playback, audio-only background playback, and Offline playback support by downloading songs.

The biggest advantage with YouTube Music is its large library of songs. The songs which are available on YouTube are also available on YouTube Music and as of now, the bitrate is limited to 192kbps. YouTube has gradually started developing and now it has finally reached 500 Million Downloads. As the apps hit 500 Million Downloads it is now a member of the Elite Club and just like Google Play Music, it is also available on Android, Android TV, iOS, and few Web browsers. YouTube Music is on its way to release new features and will soon available in the future app updates.

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