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You Season 4 Updates: Expected Release Date, Cast Change, Plot and More

You Season 4

You Season 4

The City of Love should brace itself for the arrival of a serial murderer and stalker Joe Goldberg on its streets in You season 4. The Netflix thriller will return to follow Joe’s violent antics as he roams Paris in search of his next fixation.

You’ve followed Joe from New York City, where he murdered Guinevere Beck and numerous others, to Los Angeles, where he fell in Love with Love Quinn and learned she was just as insane as he was.

They married and relocated to Madre Linda when she became pregnant, a suburban nightmare. Joe and Love had a baby boy, Henry, in season 3, but they couldn’t seem to stop adding to their body count.

Their strained marriage imploded (literally), and Joe found himself in Paris, looking for his old employer and stalking target Marienne. Here is all we know about You season 4 thus far.

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You season 4 release date.

At the moment, no release date for You season 4 has been revealed. Because the fourth season of You has not yet begun production, we’ll keep this section updated when more information becomes available.

Season one of You aired globally on December 26th, 2018, with season two following precisely a year later.

While You was swiftly resumed for a third season in January 2020, filming was delayed owing to the pandemic and was not completed until April 2021, six months after the series was announced for Netflix.

Hopefully, if work on season four begins in early 2022, we will see episodes before Christmas 2022.

You, the season four cast

Penn Badgley will be cast as Joe Goldberg, a stalker. Joe has vanished, making it unlikely that season 4 would see the return of most of the characters introduced in Madre Linda.

As Marienne Bellamy, Joe’s supervisor and the current object of his passion, Tati Gabrielle is the main exception. Joe has relocated to Paris to seem her down, and as we’ve already seen, he’s quite adept at it.

Joe may travel to California to check on his child, Henry, whom he left in the care of his library coworker and partner. They are Ben Mehl in Dante Ferguson and Noel Arthur in the cast of Lansing.

Saffron Burrows, who performed lovers love’s mother, Dottie Quinn, is another former cast member that may reappear. When we last noticed her, she was en route to treatment.

When we last heard from her, she conceded Henry’s custody to Dante and Lansing. Hence, Dottie is tenacious, and she may reappear.

Finally, might Cardi B make a debut on You season 4? On Twitter, the rapper and Badgley have shown their mutual support for one another.

And when Jimmy Kimmel found out about a probable Cardi B attendance, the actor stated, “To be honest, I’m not sure; I certainly cannot tell. Hence, there is a legal petition – I think this is true.”

When Netflix’s Twitter bio was modified to read “Petition to have Cardi B guest appear in Season 4,” the singer reacted with her pitch:

According to a recent Deadline exclusive story, Euphoria star Lukas Gage has joined the cast of Netflix’s You for its forthcoming fourth season.

An entrepreneur and gambler, Adam is a gregarious and amusing party host and quick friend. However, Adam conceals a treasure trove of secrets and masked difficulties with severe self-medication.”

What Could the You Season 4 Plot Be About?

Joe and Love face up in a climactic showdown, during which Love is assassinated. A loving couple adopts their son, and Joe abandons his son with them and sets his house on fire with two of his toes.

Joe was last seen in Paris, where he blended in with the crowd and sought a new beginning, where he is now assumed dead. “Hidden Bodies,” Caroline Kepnes’s 2016 novel, had a major influence on “You’s” second and third seasons. Season 4 may be inspired by the 2021 thriller ‘You Love Me,’ the next book in the series.

This season, Joe is likely to depart California and start a new life somewhere else. This season’s hero may end up settling in the Pacific Northwest to try to find his next muse without using his usual illegal ways, depending on how closely it follows Kepnes’ works. A new Joe may emerge as a result of this experience.

Fans may expect more violent antics from the main character and new insights into his past as the underlying dilemma of a passionate serial killer continues.

Joe, like Candace, may be haunted by the spirit of his ex-wife Love in the upcoming fourth season, like in season two.

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Is there a trailer for season four of You?

While no complete trailer has been released yet, on October 13th, 2021, Netflix released a teaser with the description, “YOU season four is in the [body] bag.”

The following is a teaser:

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