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Yet Another Black Vs White Incident! Racist Beaten Up After Calling Black Passengers; “Monkeys”

Two black passengers beat up a racist on London bus on 9th September, Wednesday. The racist pensioner addressed the passengers as “monkeys”.

” Monkeys” For What?

According to the video that the passenger posted on her social media site; racist pensioner called her brother a monkey.

She wrote; they had just gotten on the bus and divided to stand since there were a lot of people at the back. Her brother leaned on the hand bars, and the old man(pensioner) randomly pushed his elbow off.

When her brother asked the pensioner; why did he push his arm off, the racist shouted: “don’t talk to me, you monkey”.

We all were shocked. Her friend turned around and asked the old man what he had said.

The racist man repeatedly shouted, “Stop talking to me, you monkeys, f*** off.” He even addressed them as “n*****”.

It Was All Heated Up After That

The pensioner, injured after being beaten up.

The matter gets heated up as the man continues to shout.

The young male, camerawoman’s friend, aggressively asked the old man to leave the bus. However, the man refused to down the “f**king bus” and comes at the young man.

Another passenger on the bus had informed the driver. Although the driver had called for the police, no one showed up.

Other passengers came in between the racist pensioner and the young man to avoid the conflict. However, it couldn’t be done as the rage had heated up a lot.

The old man failed at punching the youngster as he tried to do so. After this, the young man hit the pensioner several times on his head. The old man got a black eye, and his head started bleeding. Despite this, he kept sitting on his seat.

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Other passengers suggested that the group shall leave, as it would be them who would get arrested if the police came.

The woman wrote that the man got what he deserved, considering the fact that he tried swinging first.





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