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Yemen Crisis- MNCs Join Hands To Help

Yemen seems to collapse from all aspects. With its healthcare system collapsing, and the draining of resources due to war, it might also face a severe famine. Uk called for action in Yemen recently as the situation seems to worsen day by day.

The War

The war began in 2015, with Saudi led coalition indiscriminately air bombing Yemen. The issue arose in 2011 when Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi replaced authoritarian President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Hadi, as considered a weak leader with a corrupt administration, indirectly gave leeway for Iran led Houthi-Movement to gain territory around the Saada province.

After Hadi went into exile in 2015, Saudi Arabia allied forces with Sunni Muslims to stop Iran, gaining influence in this territory. Moreover, they took to airstrikes thinking it would stop the forces from gaining control and wished to reinstate Hadi’s rule. The two sides have been at war ever since. The identity of Yemen seems to lose significance as thousands are killed in the process.


What Is UN Doing?

According to sources, the UN lacks funds this month. The UN usually helps countries in conflict. And Yemen, currently the poorest country in Arab, seems to collapse. The funds by UN fell short by 1 billion dollars as compared to the amount it usually gives to aid agencies.

The institution declared a six-week ceasefire in order to let the country regain control in the time of a pandemic, but it expires this month. And therefore, violence has resurfaced.

Other Helping Hands

With news of the Yemen crisis spreading across the world, major Multi-National Corporations joined hands with the UN to help the disintegrating healthcare system of Yemen.  The private sector feels it owes a responsibility to countries in need.

A number of social media campaigns to donate, and provide technical support and more are also gaining momentum. UK’s Minister for the Middle East, James Cleverly overviewed the situation through video conferencing recently.

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