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Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Comes With NFC Support And Amazon Alexa With SpO2 Sensor.

Xiaomi is one of the leading Tech- Giants and also the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. They not only manufacture high-end flagship devices but also make mid-range and low-end devices so that everyone can afford it. At present, every smartphone manufacturers are trying to create devices that are affordable as well as powerful. The company claims that they produce high-quality products at a very honest price. Xiaomi also manufactures wireless wearable devices, which are very famous, reliable, and affordable. New leaks and claims have been surfacing the internet, let us talk about them.

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New Claims and Leaks about Xiaomi Mi Band 5:

We all know that there are several leaks and claims before such as Oval AMOLED shaped Display. Several claims are stating the band might feature a display size of 1.2 inches. There are few image leaks of the device featuring a black circle at the bottom of the display which has been very controversial. Some claim that it might be a camera, but we are not sure about it as there is no word from the company or any info supporting the claims.

Mi Band 5 Image Leak

Today three claims have surfaced the internet about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. We all know that some of the features are limited to some countries. Similarly, we have received a claim long back that Band 5 will support NFC technology and it is available only in China. In today’s claims, we have found the NFC technology isn’t limited to a country and this feature is available globally. In addition to this there is another claim stating the device supports Amazon Alexa. We know that several Xiaomi Smartphones support Amazon Alexa, there might be a chance in implementing Amazon Alexa in Band 5. If this happens, this might be the first cheapest smart band with Assistant support.

Xiaomi Band 4

The last claim is the implementation of the SpO2 feature, this is where Xiaomi is lagging. It’s competitor Honor Band 5 which has released alongside Xiaomi Band 4 has supported the SpO2 feature. As per the claims, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will feature the SpO2 sensor and will be available in the markets soon. When it comes to pricing the smart band might cost more than its predecessor.

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