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Wuhan Announces First Coronavirus Cluster After Lifting Lockdown

China’s Wuhan became the first city to lift lockdown restrictions after seeing no new coronavirus patients. The decision has led to dire consequences since the happiness was short-lived. The first cluster of coronavirus cases was reported in Wuhan since the lockdown ended.

Wuhan Coronavirus Cluster

The five new confirmed cases all came from the same residential compound. This is the first case in Wuhan since April 3. The first confirmed case was a 98-year-old man, whose wife then contracted the disease from him. It turns out that the wife was an asymptomatic patient. This means that the woman did not show any signs that are generally associated with the virus.

The government has announced that all the people in the city will be tested for COVID 19. 11 million people in the city of Wuhan will be tested again so that the resurgence of the virus will not be as drastic and measures can be taken beforehand. Asymptomatic cases were previously not taken into consideration in Wuhan, the epicenter. It was only after the lockdown was lifted that these numbers were added to the list of the people affected.


Nucleic acid testing will be done, said an official notice sent out on the day the cluster was found. They added that all of this must be arranged and done within ten days. The cluster was found in the DongxihuDistrict. Although the Epidemic Prevention and Control Centre of the District said they hadn’t heard anything about a cluster of patients in the area.

Areas in China where the virus hasn’t slowed down

Wuhan is not the only area in China that has had new cases of the virus. The Shulan district that borders Russia and North Korea have also seen new cases. They seem to have contracted domestically, which means the virus has not completely been removed from the area. It has been put under the ‘high risk’ category. It is the only city in China with that designation. 11 new cases were reported in this district.

The district is entirely shut down. All public places have been shut and no public transport can be used. Authorities have imposed Martial Law in the area, and only one family member is allowed to go out each day to get groceries. China is treating this with the utmost importance to try and stop the spread of cases before it gets out of hand.

The increasing number of cases may be due to the fact that Jilin, the city where Shulan is located is close to Russia. The reported cases were mainly those with travel history either from or to Russia. The exact person it started from has been detected but the lady has no former travel history. This is what has perplexed the authorities. Neighboring districts have been upgraded from low to medium risk since cases have started appearing there too.

The world compared to China


China may have been the epicenter but they seem to be doing better than the rest of the countries that have been affected. With America already crossing more than 1.4 million cases, and India bordering on overtaking China, there’s a lot of tension in every country. Ghana reportedly has 539 new cases all because of one patient that was not detected. The numbers in Russia have spiked in a day or two and needs to be kept in check. Even countries imposing strict lockdowns have been affected heavily. The number of deaths keeps increasing, although the recovery numbers look promising.

WHO informed the public that the lockdown has helped slow down the rise of those affected by Coronavirus. Obeying the lockdown is one of the only ways it can be stopped. Israel seems to have found a vaccine already, and it is ready for mass production, but will it work on every patient? The coronavirus is said to have divided into 10 strains already, which makes it difficult to keep track of all of them. The longer the vaccine takes, the longer it takes for the world to recover.






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