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A Wrestler Executed By Iran Even After Trump’s Request To Spare Him

Iran is reporting in their Tv channels that they have executed a wrestler named Navid Afkari who they claimed is involved in a murder case.

The Tweet Of Trump

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Iran went on and executed this man even after Trump and others asked them specifically not to do it. Trump tweeted,

“To the leaders of Iran, I would greatly appreciate if you would spare this young man’s life, and not execute him. Thank you!”

But as a reply to that in just eleven minutes The Iranian television broadcasted the teary-eyed parents of the water company staff.

And later they said,

“The retaliation sentence against Navid Afkari, the killer of Hassan Turkman, was carried out this morning in Adelabad prison in Shiraz.”

Support For Afkari

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The case of Afkari became popular in social media as he and his brothers have been portrayed as victims. Still, the officials of Iran says that Afkari stabbed a water company staff.

And they even broadcasted the wrestler’s visual confession last week. And this even caused an internal demand in the country to not carry out the death penalty.

The cruelty of this situation even made an Iranian Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh who once went into a hunger strike for the betterment of prisoners in Tehran’s Evin prison said that she supports Afkari.

The reason for Afkari stabbing the employee is not known clearly, but they telecasted blurred documents saying it was personal dispute without any other further explanation.




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