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Will There Be Code Geass Season 3? When Will It Release?

Code Geass Season 3

The Code Geass anime premiered over a decade ago and has maintained its spot as one of the most beloved anime series. The protagonist, Lelouch, is ranked 1st on MyAnimeList with 135,000+ users referencing him. The possibility of a third season is one that many fans have been eagerly awaiting since the end of the second season. It’s a given that, as an anime series that has been widely popular, Code Geass will continue on for another series- potentially even two more seasons if it goes well. But when will we witness Code Geass Season 3?

What Is Code Geass About?

Despite not seeing the entire anime, you may have heard bits and pieces of Code Geass. The show plays out in an alternate timeline where the Holy Britannian Empire colonized most of the world with autonomous mecha known as Knightmares. Among the conquered countries, Japan is known as Area 11.

The main character, Lelouch, is a Britannian prince who was exiled to a Britannian boarding school in Japan along with his young sister, Nunally. Following the death of their mother, Lelouch grows to be a popular but withdrawn high-school student who wants to destroy Britannia but has no means to do so.

Lelouch Lamperouge, the protagonist of Code Geass, demonstrates a strange power over others that leads to significant struggles for both him and his opponents. But Lelouch, a true mastermind and from the outset one of the world’s most feared voices on both matters militaries and politics- has at last found a mask for his ultimate plan.

On Feb 28, 2008, the final episode of Code Geass aired in Japan. Speculation for a third season has increased following the success of the Lelouch-centric manga trilogy Resurrection and reports that Sunrise was scouting locations were to film on October 10th, 2017.

Though the Code Geass anime only had two seasons, it has appeared in a number of different media. The series includes an OVA, film “Lelouch of the Resurrection.” A Code Geass movie is also set to come out soon, but there will not be a third season due to reasons that are best left a secret.

There is a possibility that the show Code Geass may not make it to Season 3. If this happens, it won’t be for an obvious reason and will most likely come as a surprise to series fans worldwide. One of the reasons might very be due to the ending of season 2 in which Suzaku’s Geass power was taken from

Executives from Studio Sunrise have declined to comment on the matter. Having lost control of his Geass and most of his hope, Lelouch decides to act in cruel ways that will make everyone hate him. So, characters who were fighting each other until that moment are teamed up against him

A comprehensive plan culminates in Lelouch being executed by his best friend, with whom they had agreed earlier. In dying, Lelouch manages to achieve positive world change and even get his sister on the throne. Lelouch is a morally grey character who wanted to make the world better but was willing to commit atrocities in order to do so.

The ending of the series is a realization by Lelouch that he can not escape his difficult fate. In the end, change was inevitable and so he did what it took to ensure that there was no sacrifice in vain: committing suicide sacrificing himself for the world and his loved ones. He felt fulfilled at last after achieving this goal, which shows that “Lelouch Lamperouge’s death has been a topic for debate among fans since the end of Code Geass R2. Personally, I love an ambiguous ending and feel it added a layer of meaning to what was a great ending, ultimately leaving fans to make their own decision about Lelouch’s fate.

What Will Be The Release Date Of Code Geass Season 3?

If Lelouch dies in the end, there is no hope for season 3 of Code Geass. It becomes difficult to simply accept that Zero’s requiem was merely a cheap trick.

Code Geass can’t have a season 3 because it would undermine the agency of the audience. We’re excited to know what happened to Lelouch after the end of Season 2.

The question of whether Code Geass will have a season 3 is up for debate. Some fans believe that the story should conclude, but others speculate about future explorations possible in this world and are open to more Code Geass media.

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