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Will Smith: Does Latest IG Video Has Any Connection To His Personal Life?Click Here To Know Amazing Facts About The Video.

Will Smith Is Not A Name Its A Brand

Will Smith, we all know is a very successful actor and singer/rapper today.  The name Will Smith is itself a brand. But Being successful is not easy. To get that success, you need to do very hard work. Will Smith shared a very motivational video on his Instagram.


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Latest IG Video – A Correlation Between Success And Failure?

The video is about the correlation between Success and Failures. Yes! Failures. The video is actually a shoutout to an Instagram animation page “afterskool100”. This page is a famous page. Afterskool100 shares inspirational animations. The page has got more than twenty-four thousand followers.

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About Video

Will Smith posted the video in which Will Smith is featured by Afterskool100.  He captioned it ” Big shoutout to @afterskool100 for making my IG ramblings feel smart! Great work and Thank-you “. The video itself is very inspirational and motivational. The video talks about how successful people have faced many failures. The only ones who learn from failures can be successful in life. Importance of Failure, Practice in life to get Success has beautifully explained via an animation.
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Additionally, the video also explains the importance of the people surrounding you. The people around you are going to either help you to make or destroy your future. That’s why you need the people who can feed your flame.
The third clip is about the responsibility of a person for the person itself and others. The clip tells us to not run away from responsibilities. We should take our responsibility if we want a happy life for yourself.

What Does The Clipping Say

In the fourth clip, the importance to be an unrealistic individual is explained. It is obviously very common to be realistic. But if you’re unrealistic, then only you can take risks in life. And then only you can achieve something in life.
And in the fifth video, people are addressed to not listen to the doubters. Because doubters will not let you follow your passion. They will scare you about the illogical parts of your passion. They will scare you for failures. You should not listen to them. Then only you can be successful in life.

Wife’s Entanglement

Source: themirror.co.uk
He posted these videos after a dramatic sequence of events that happened with him last month. The month of July was not do so easy for him. The “Entanglement” of Jada, the sexuality revelation of Jaden, and much more. It seems like this video has any personal connection to his life. Tell us in the comments.

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