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Wildfire Continues To Destroy The Western States. Is Evacuation Really Helping?

The wildfire in California continue to destroy and rage through the western states. On Thursday reports came out and it was shocking. Thousands of homes had to be evacuated and other thousands of them got burned to the ground. It all vanished as if the houses were never there. Acres and acres of land burned to make them infertile.

Furthermore, 23 people have died and hundreds of home were burned. 7,00 miles of land destroyed. The major fire happened in 100 places. Authorities of Oregon says 500,000 people statewide have been forced to evacuate. Because of wildfires Рover 10% of the state’s 4.2 million population.

Moreover, the weather condition is too deteriorating and its proving to be tough for the national security to help people out. Three states have seen the death of people. However, California reported the death of nine people, Oregon three people and One death in Washington State.

And in northern California, 10 people died. Several of them have been lost and couldn’t be found. Children and family members are going missing!

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Furthermore, several of them are critically burned and injured. Ambulances and hospitals are facing pressures to save and tend towards the survivors. Nonetheless, there are no signs that the wildfires are going to stop anytime soon.

A Riverside firefighter stands on top of his truck during the Lake Fire at Pine Canyon Road in the Angeles National Forest. The Lake fire already burned more than 17000 acres and it is 12% contained according to SoCal Air Operations.

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People suffering from Wildfire terribly!

John Skye was a 50-year-old resident of California and he fled in his car with some clothes. Later in the reports, he said that the schools were burned, the fire department is gone. He was so emotional. Hence, he was so angry as well that he said he never ever want to come back to California.



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