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Why Was A Black Owned Salon In Minneapolis Billed $200,000? Another Racism Story?

The lives of black people have become my help right now. America has become a living hell for black people. Stories of George Floyd, Emmett Till and Jacob Blake were not enough that another Racism story is here.

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Flora Westbrooks, a business owner, shared her grief. During the riots going on in the City, her building was burned down. The most shocking news is that the officials want $200,000 from her now. To raze the building.

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She has been the owner of Flora’s Hair Designs. On the 3rd of September, she expressed her struggle to Fox & Friends. According to her, she never received any kinds of help from anybody when her business was devastated—the same place, which was burnt at the time of the riots.

The Bill!

Instead of receiving the money to raise her business, she got the $200,000 bill.

She said, ” haven’t gotten anything, not a penny…only received a bill which is going to be over $200,000 just for tearing things down and putting up a fence there, so it’s going to be lots of money that I can’t afford that I don’t have…I just feel like I’m alone and I’m sure other business owners feel the same as I do.”

The salon owner addressed all the business owners that they must also be facing the same problem as her.

In Minneapolis, the same place where George Floyd stopped breathing in May, has a salon owned by Westbrooksas well. She is the owner of the salon for almost 40 years. IT was on the 29th of May, after the death of Floyd, during the Black Lives Matter protest her house was burnt.

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