Why Should Jaden And Willow Suffer Due To Will And Jada’s Affairs?

As soon as Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Affair revealed a lot of things caught limelight. Margot Robbie was trending above Will Smith on twitter. August Alsina lost his money, friends and relationship. Along with that, Jaden Smith’s gay love with Tyler is in the headlines. Will Smith’s new movie I, Robot is in news as well.

Jada Smith and Will Smith
Will Smith and Jada Smith

On July 11, on the Red Table Talk, a reality show, Jada revealed about her affair with August that started four and a half years back. She claimed Smith was done with her, hence she took care of August and fell for him. Later she went into an entanglement with him. There Smith concluded it as a miracle that he talked to her even after knowing about her affair. Because he did his and she her’s. This portrayed the audience to drag his old affair with Margot Robbie.

Now the main question arises! Is Smith and his wife Jada are getting divorced? Obviously, both of them are having affairs with different individuals. What about Jaden and Willow Smith?

Jaden And Willow’s Problematic Life!

Jaden Smith
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Jaden’s gay relationship has made his place in the headlines Since the Golden Globe awards show. where he confirmed about his relationship with Tyler. This broke the hearts of many girls those who liked any of them. Recently last year Jaden got ill, due to the change in his diet. As he moved to vegetarianism, he fell ill as his body couldn’t accept the change. Tyler was highly concerned regarding the same.

Recently conflicts between Shane Dawson and pre-teen Smith, Willow is getting worse day by day. Shawn sexualised will’s “Whip My Hair” and starred Willow in an image pretending to masturbate. The whole Smith family was on fire.

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Are They Going To Get Divorced?

Will Smith

The situations of Jaden Smith and Willow Smith are worse than Will and Jada’s. They are having a hell lot of issues going on in their respective lives. Who will take care of them if Will and Jada get separated?

Some current tensions are occurring between 50 Cent and Will Smith. Indeed, which led to the bombardment of f-word by Smith is all over the internet. Despite the proven authenticity of the same. This shows the contemporary relationship status of Will and Jada.

Are they going to get divorced? What about the life of Jaden and Willow? Is it going to deteriorate?

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