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xx, ewx, z, hk1, 902, fek, 3h, wl, t6n, aah, fk, z, 2vn, i, hi8, z, b3k, 4n, 3g2, k, do, Why Kim Kardashian Feels Insecure About Future With His Husband Kanye West, Is Divorce The Only Option? - The Tech Education
Kim Kardashian
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Why Kim Kardashian Feels Insecure About Future With His Husband Kanye West, Is Divorce The Only Option?

Kim Kardashian has been feeling insecure about her marriage with Kanye West. However, she is considering many options for her marriage. Recently, Kanye West insulted the music industry by peeing on his grammy awards. But is that a good reason for Kim Kardashian to feel embarrassed about?

Although with Kim Kardashian is thinking a lot about her husband’s mental health issues, and this could be the reason why she is not coming with a decision.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Marriage Struggle During This Pandemic

Kim Kardashian is feeling the burden to handle Kanye’s mental issues, laws studies and taking care of her kids. She is just hoping that this stressful wave to pass from her life. When Kanye revealed that he is preparing for upcoming presidency rally, there’s been a lot of stress.

There are some possibilities that Kim Kardashian can opt for Divorce if it continues to go this way. Apart from this, the couple has four children, and Kanye has only a few months to begin his new passion in the presidential rally.

During a recent interview, the Yeezy designer revealed that Kim was about to abort her eldest child.

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How Kim Supported And Defended Her Husband In Public?

Kanye has raised a lot of allegations against Kim and her mother in social media. He said that Kim tried to lock him in the room and because of this they are considering to divorce each other. But later Kanye apologized for the tweet and also expressed about her feelings.

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Recently he has been ranting about contract rules which he has with the music industry. He posted almost more than 100 tweets saying all the contract details and how they are so unfair with him.

The only thing which is stopping Kim is Kanye’s mental health issues. Who knows whether she is trying to be a good wife and support her husband with any cause.

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