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c5y, z, k, pm, m1, qoa, ap, s8, m, Why Kamala Harris Being Trolled As Meme For Reacting On Mike Pence?
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Why Kamala Harris Being Trolled As A Meme For Reacting Over Mike Pence? Here’s What Went Viral.

The internet is filled with Kamala Harris for her reaction upon Mike Pence. However, the social media used her response as a meme material, and it went viral Wednesday. During the same day, when vice presidential debate where Harris highlighted her opposition to Mike Pence.

Kamala Harris’s Meme By Jamira Burley!

Some people created funny content from the video and images which featured Pence and Harris. One of the recent meme posts took the internet, which was posted during the debate among the Republican-led political action committee. Although, the Lincoln project, mainly focused on how Harris reacted towards pence as he continued to give his speech.

American activists named Jamira Burley created one of the best memes ever, and it got so much of views. She made a meme which stuck the nerve about how men condescend woman.

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Tevin JC, who is known for being pop-enthusiast compared Harris reaction with Elektra. He claimed that she almost looks like a fictional character. From the ballroom, drama series pose by Ryan Murphy. It has got many facial expressions who frequently delivered few funniest moments during the show.

For instance, a popular meme from American commentator and editor of PC Magazine also compared Kamala with Maya Rudolph. she is one the finest comedian and she runs a long-running comedy sketch show on Saturday.

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Reaction On The memes from all over the world!

In response to the debate, Washington Post contributor Jonathan Capehart reacted and expressed his concern. He did this by showing an animated GIF of the presidential nominee. Even the pro-choice organization from NARAL responded the same way as Capehart by sharing a GIF of Harris.

Just before the debate, the host of Late-night talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ began poking. And made fun of the plexiglass between Pence and Harris. He talked about their protection against possible COVID-19 transmission and compared it with other things. For instance, the protective glass between cannibal Hannibal Lecter in the 1991 film and the protective glass of FBI agent.

Zerlina, is a commentator and a radio show host. And she bought the issue of Pence’s proximity to Trump and other republicans.

However, they all have been tested positive for COVID-19. With this, the host said that Harris should spray some sanitizers upon Pence’s face and then begin to have a debate.

A contributor form Talking Points Memo named Josh Marshall recently posted a video of a boxing match. The post showed Infographic of Harris. Here she treated the republican President Donald Trump at the beginning of the debate.

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