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Why Did Trump’s Supporter’s Daughter Accuse Him Being The Reason Of Her Father’s Death?

On Thursday, A women alleged Donald Trump of her father’s death. According to her, she lost her father because of Covid-19. However, she should not have trusted President Donald Trump.

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When the president told journalist Bob Woodward, that he knew this Pandemic was going to be deadly, still he intentionally played it.

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This revealed Trump’s real face. Therefore the women criticised him, being responsible for her father’s death.

During an emotional speech presented by Kristin Urquiza at the Democratic National Convention in August, She told a lot of stuff.

That organisation was for the death of her father. Even Joe Bidenโ€™s presidential campaign’s reporters were also present there.

Urquiza’s Statements

The lady said, “That betrayal of my father and our country is even more clear now. The president’s lies are undeniable and inexcusable.”

Source Washington Post

According to Urquiza, the million and million of death that is occurring could have been prevented. However, Donald Trump did not let it happen. Those deaths could be prevented are were needless.

In a call with Bob, Trump said that he always wanted to play it down. However, this revelation is, according to The Washington Post’s website.

However, in the same interview, Trump even expresses about the virus and how deadly it is.

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