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Why And How Could Hidden Trump Voters Have Big November Impact?

According to recent investigations, Trump supporters are likely to hide their preference in polls. If this assumption came out to be true even in a small percentage, then actions would be taken against Trump.

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However, a new suspicion is growing that; Trump supporters might not diverge from their preferences.

Vituperation since five years turned Violent. Big riots, protests and daily occurrences of on spot shooting and death are occurring across America. No one is safe; even the high profile people are subjected to vulnerability.

When the high profile people could not save themselves from vulnerability, what would the ordinary people do?
Logically, ordinary citizens could feel more vulnerable.

CloudResearch could test this theory. In which American voters were termed as “shy voters.”

The result came out to be, “significantly more reluctant to share their opinions on phone surveys compared to Biden supporters.”

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The Comparison

There are 5% of Democrats, 12% of Republicans, and nearly 11% of Independents. So here Republicans and Independence are nearly twice as the democrats.

These small percentages could have affected the November implications up to a great extent.

According to history, in the last presidential election, 33% of Republicans, 31% of independents and 36% of Democrats were present. Additionally, there was 9% of “shy voter” present in the electorate as well.

Comparing the past and the present scenario, the difference is crystal clear before the eyes. Lets see, Trump’s politics this time.

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