Who Is xChocoBars Dating

Who Is xChocoBars Dating? The Popular Streamer’s Personal Life


The popular internet personality and Twitch streamer, xChocoBars is Janet Rose. She started posting videos on Youtube in 2013 but her breakout moment was becoming a twitch live streamer in 2015. When she isn’t streaming her League of Legends gameplay, xChocoBars is an outspoken voice in the gaming community. Janet Rose recently surprised fans with her new Merch collection.

Despite being a popular online streamer, Janet has asked that her dating life stay out of the spotlight and not give harassment or hate to any other streamers. Jeremy shared about their past insecurities of being a bad boyfriend.

Who Is xChocoBars Dating: Is She In A Relationship?

Though everything about her personal life is secret, references to a partner named Jeremy are found in various channels on the internet. It wasn’t until late January 2018 that xchocobars started seeing someone.

While she took to social media to announce the split, the two gaming streamers felt like they owed it to their fans to make this announcement. They announce the split in a shared blog post on their website, where they used fans for privacy. But it was time to move forwards with their lives, and as difficult as it was, this is what they both wanted. The breakup happened amicably – even making jokes about the situation into account in the comment section of online posts.

Earlier, some of their fellow streamers had also shown them support and love via Twitter. The split was not a public one but followers still see the two of them teaming up for online streaming at all times.Who Is xChocoBars Dating

xChocoBars Recently Opened About The Ongoing Toxicity She Faced During Streaming!

xChocoBars, a popular online streamer and moderator of Reddit’s Pics community had an emotional breakdown during one of her streaming sessions that led her to quit the job for a while. xChocoBars later issued a Twitter post for the concerned fans that she just needs some time away from the internet to remind herself of what In light of the toxicity in her previous broadcast, gaming personality Janet chose to end her stream.

As a streamer, you know how important it is to keep your community respectful. One incident led to the creation of a new Discord server for chat moderators that also includes features designed specifically for discouraging toxic environments from forming on your channel. This was needed as streamers have earlier confessed about how some fans can be a bit out of control when it comes to spreading rumors.Who Is xChocoBars Dating

The Popular Streamer Is Single Or Taken?

The young streamer has been vocal about her work and the toxicity that she got rid of, Janet might be enjoying her singlehood and concentrating on her job. After her brief relationship with Jeremy aka Disguised Toast, she hasn’t been in any other relationship since then.

America’s streaming sensation, and popular Twitch streamer, Janet had received stalking for the last two years. She has been taking their issue seriously for as long as she can remember, but apparently, it doesn’t matter unless the crime progresses to worse things.

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