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Who is This T-Mobile Girl? Carly Foulkes And What Happened To Her?

Who is This T-Mobile Girl? Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes rose to prominence as the “T-Mobile Girl” in the early 2010s. The Canadian model wore a trademark pink attire to match the brand in a number of the mobile phone company’s 4G advertising. 

Her cheery demeanor won her fans – T-Mobile even released a behind-the-scenes video with her in response to the great response. However, it has been many years since Foulkes worked at T-Mobile; what is she doing now?

Although Foulkes continues to model, she is also an extraordinarily accomplished photographer. She usually shares stunning model images of herself and creative photographs she takes on her own Instagram. Additionally, she has an Instagram account dedicated to her photography, where she showcases even more of her abilities.

Foulkes detailed her daily routine in a 2017 interview with the apparel company Free People: “It varies somewhat, but currently includes yoga in the morning, a walk with my dog, and then a visit to my studio to photograph, collage, or work on new video projects. I’ve just begun directing, and I’m having a blast. Additionally, I’ve developed an obsession with roller skating!

Who is This T-Mobile Girl? Carly Foulkes 

Carly Foulkes is often referred to as T-Mobile Girl. She is a model and actress from Canada. On August 4, 1988, Foulkes was born. She was featured in a series of television advertisements for T-MyTouch Mobile’s 4G. Carly was easily identifiable by her pink/magenta-and-white summer ensemble. 

She continued to wear in her characteristic pink-black leather as a biker chick. From autumn 2010 through spring 2013, Foulkes served as T-spokesman. 

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Additionally, the 32-year-old model appeared in several other brand ads. Foulkes was characterized as a ‘pretty brunette.’ 

In 2012, Foulkes appeared in a T-Mobile commercial in which she transitioned for the first time from a pink-white summer dress to a pink-black motorbike costume.

T-Mobile announced following the release of this advertisement that Foulkes will no longer be a part of their existing campaign: “With this new ad, Carly’s magenta summer dresses are replaced with motorcycle leathers and a 1000cc Ducati superbike, which symbolizes the speed and capability of our 4G network.”

Current Life Of T-Mobile Girl

Carly Foulkes is often interpreted as a sex symbol. She got well-known as a result of her ads. Laura Stampler of Business Insider labeled her as “one of the most recognized brand spokespersons” in 2013. 

The media transformed her biker girl dress into a ‘bad girl/biker chick image.’ In an interview with My Daily, “I’m cozy and comfortable.” When I think of sexy, I most certainly do not think of myself. As a result, I’m quite gratified, but it’s amusing.”

Carly has moved away from her model persona in her present life. She has now established herself as a photographer and musician. Carly spends most of her time on Instagram. 

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Carly released her single ‘I was All Talk’ in 2020. “This song is about loving someone who isn’t good for you and trying to learn from your grief,” she said. Carly was spotted at a couple of T-Mobile events after 2013. According to sources, her contract with the firm is still active, although in a hazy state.

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