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Who Is Rauw Alejandro? Who Is He Dating Now?

Who Is Rauw Alejandro?

Who Is Rauw Alejandro?

Who Is Rauw Alejandro? Rauw Alejandro is a Puerto Rican singer and rapper. He is considered one of the top Puerto Rican singers in the world and is well known as the King of Modren Regaetton. Rauw Alejandro rose to fame after releasing his single titled “Todo de Ti” which became a massive hit. At the end of 2020, he dropped his first studio album titled Afrodisíaco, since then he continued to release more music.

Do You Know Rauw Alejandro’s Early Life?

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1993, Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz is 29 years old. His father is a guitarist and his mother is a backup singer. His parents sparked his passion for music, and he met Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Chris Brown. He and his parents lived in Miami and New York as children. Rauw was influenced by R&B and dancehall there. After high school, he attended the University of Puerto Rico.

Between 6 and 20, he played soccer. He left sports after an injury. Rauw moved to Florida to try out for the PDL, but he wasn’t chosen. He fell into a despair after leaving football, but music helped. Rauw Alejandro started his music career on SoundCloud in 2014. Raw debuted with Punto de Equilibrio in November 2016.

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Who Is Rauw Alejandro By Profession?

This mixtape lead him to sign with Duars Entertainment in January 2017. Rauw joined Los Próximos the next year. After this effort, he gained prominence and collaborated with Ozuna, Lunay, Kevin Roldan, Lyanno, and Khea. In December 2017, Rauw Alejandro released his first single, “Toda.” This viral song scored 29th on Billboard Hot Latin Songs.

The next year, he released a hit remix of the song. The song’s official video has 1.3 billion views on YouTube. In December 2019, Rauw released “Fantasias” featuring Farruko. The song went viral and topped the US Latin chart. Alejandro released “Afrodisiaco” on November 13, 2020. “Todo de ti” hit #2 in Spotify’s Top Songs Global. Rauw Alejandro released Vice Versa on June 25, 2021.

Rauw Alejandro Personal Life

Rauw Alejandro is reportedly single. Rumors say Rauw is dating Spanish singer-songwriter, Rosalia. Alejandro and Rosalia just made their romance official on social media. They’ve seen together and uploaded photos from the same house. The couple debuted on the red carpet.

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House: \sRauw Alejandro is one of the highest-paid Puerto Rican musicians and has bought luxury properties. The singer hasn’t publicized her assets, although he reportedly owns a lovely property in Orlando. Alejandro owns Puerto Rico’s hometown. Alejandro’s expanding fame and bank account allow him to purchase an excellent automotive collection. He owns a scarlet Ferrari, a grey Lamborghini Hurricane, and more.

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