Who Is Max Verstappen Dating? His New Girlfriend

Max Verstappen, a Formula One champion Belgian-Dutch racer driver, lost his heart to Brazilian model Julia Vercruysse. Max is the grandson of former F1 race driver Jos Verstappen. He said that he developed a passion for racing because he wanted to become like his father.

Max Verstappen began racing in the mid-2000s, and his father was present for every race regardless of location. In his late teens, he accepted a position as a racing driver for Belgium’s Formula 3 Championship, though followed with success by driving elsewhere as well.

Verstappen was born in 1994, and started his racing career at karting level and progressed to car racing.

Who is Max Verstappen, the Formula One driver who won the 2015 Rookie of the Year?

Max Verstappen started racing professionally at the age of 17. He was the youngest race car driver in Formula One history as well as holding other firsts for a rookie driver. He ended the season with Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Max Verstappen Is The Most Youngest Driver To Race At The Red Bull Racing.

Max Verstappen is a Dutch racing driver. He entered Formula 1 in 2015 with the Italian team Scuderia Toro Rosso and was promoted to Renault’s parent team Red Bull Racing after four laps as a replacement for Daniil Kyvat. Max Verstappen is a Dutch who drove for Red Bull Racing and won the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix at his debut race.

Max Verstappen has managed to do two more car racing successes since the start of 2019, taking his getting third place in 2020′s championships. Max Verstappen is scheduled to race for the Red Bull team throughout the entirety of the 2023 season after signing a contract extension.

What Was The Actual Reason For Which Max Left His Country?

However, rumors emerged that the racer was prepared to give up everything for his lover. These rumors never received confirmation but fans believe peer pressure was not the reason behind his decision.Who Is Max Verstappen Dating His New Girlfriend

Who Is Max Verstappen Dating?

The young racer has always been a charmer. For years, girls have publicly admitted that they desired him in one way or another. But he always politely refused them, and with respect. However, in 2015 Mikael Ahlin Kottulinsky caught Max’s attention. After the meeting, Mikael was a Scottish racer. In 2009 they had a passionate reunion and were seen in public many times. But in 2016, they parted ways due to personal conflicts.

Max Verstappen announced that he was no longer dating Mikael, coming amid media reports in which he did not deny a connection to his fellow European.
“For the first time ever I have grown tired of it all,” Max expressed. Max has dated a number of women but never confirmed any relationships. In 2013, Max was seen dating Joyce Godefridi.

Max Verstappen is dating Brazilian model Kelly Piquet. In 2020, Max shared a picture with the Brazilian model and made it official that Max Verstappen is dating Kelly Piquet. The snap of the couple enjoying their beach day was the picture he shared on Instagram.

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Kelly Piquet Is Daniil Kvyat’s Ex-Girlfriend. Does It Announce Bad Blood Between The Two Racers?

We know that Max has taken many drivers’ places behind the steering wheel, but this time it seems he might be pushing things too far. Max is dating his ex-girlfriend so you can just imagine how the dynamics between them will become. With some relationships, it’s not just about replacements. But this relationship gives a score for controversy; as such, the relationship is quite toxic for any romance.

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