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Who Is Jesse Rutherford Dating? Here’s A Look At Jesse Rutherford Dating History

jesse rutherford dating

It seems that Billie Eilish has a new man in her life. She was confirming dating rumors with musician Jesse Rutherford, 31, in Los Angeles. Eilish hasn’t revealed whether she has a new boyfriend, but she was spotted eating out with the lead singer of The Neighbourhood just before pictures of them kissing emerged. Everything you need to know is here.

Who Is Jesse Rutherford Dating?

It seems that Billie Eilish has a new man in her life. Confirming relationship rumors, the 20-year-old singer was seen having s*x with musician Jesse Rutherford, 31, in Los Angeles.

With her baby and his old man Halloween costumes, Eilish mocked those who were offended by their age difference and made it Instagram official for her relationship with Rutherford on that day.

In October 2022, Eilish And Rutherford Were First Seen Kissing.

Eilish and Rutherford indicated that they were dating when paparazzi caught them making out in Studio City, days after rumors about their relationship began to circulate after they were seen eating dinner together. The couple was seen in pictures “embracing, kissing, holding hands and grinning from ear to ear,” according to TMZ. The publication reported that the couple had been spotted together three times in a row, first at Halloween Horror Nights, then out for dinner, and finally making out.

According to some fans, the two were pictured together in 2017, when Eilish was only 15 or 16 years old. Although neither has mentioned previously knowing the other, some fans have voiced concern over the two’s age difference of more than ten years.

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In 2020, Rutherford debuted Chip Chrome, a figure resembling an alter ego.

In a December 2020 interview with V, Rutherford discussed his chromatic alter-music persona and referred to it as an “art project.” In September 2020, Rutherford and The Neighbourhood issued an album named Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones.

Regarding Chrome’s personality, Rutherford remarked, “I think Chip was Jesse’s biggest fan.” “Jesse is a big inspiration for Chip; he made me miss being a kid at my mother’s house again. You have a creative vulnerability at home; you could look in the mirror and think, “This was pretty cool.” You might think, “Oh, well, not today,” before you leave the house. I’m getting dressed in my jeans. Furthermore, Chip had a way of saying, “Nope, not today. You’re acting like a fuckwit right now.

I’m a fuckin’ human, and I want to be liked, loved, and get attention as everyone else does, so I can’t help the fact that I also want a connection with humans, he continued. But in general, I enjoy using the Internet for artistic purposes, and I view Chip as an artistic endeavor. […] I don’t feel like I’m being recognized as Jesse when Chip is acknowledged. I like that I feel like people are paying attention to my idea. That intrigues me, I think. I want to be here for that.

Rutherford Has A Complicated Relationship With Social Media, But He Still Follows Eilish There.

On his 27th birthday, the singer “committed social suicide” by deactivating all his social media accounts, as he later told Complex. “It’s humorous. That’s how it should be. It’s okay if it has elements of emo, but it’s also meant to be absurd, funny, and a commentary on how stupid the whole thing is.

Rutherford’s persona in music Chip Although he hasn’t posted anything since December 2021, Chrome has a verified Instagram account. Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid are followers. Chrome does not, but Eilish does.

Rutherford resumed occasionally posting on his Chrome account in January 2021. He said of social media, “I still struggle with it. It’s difficult to avoid thinking about the Internet whenever you’re using it, especially when you’re actively participating in the flow. It was nice when I think I finally reached a point where I had been off it for so long that it wasn’t even in the back of my mind.

“It was difficult because I’m using it and getting high once more. I got sucked in. I went to rehab, relapsed, and now I’m using it to get high again. Since it’s working, you’d think that as an addict, I could say, “No, no, it’s cool.” I’ll be fine after just one drink,” he continued.

But I’m aware that’s not the case. Because I feel like I need to be there, and I want to be seen so badly that I’m going to turn myself into this thing, you’ll have to fucking look; chip exists. I know that my brain is messed up and that I have restarted it, but that is part of the Chip thing.

Among his famous friends are Blake Griffin, Alexa Demie, and other members of Euphoria.

Griffin and Demie appeared in the “Stargazing” music video by Rutherford. Rutherford claimed to have known Demie for a long time to V. He recalled that “[She] was one of the first people [I] met up with who was a LA person.” The source referred to Griffin as a “major part” of Rutherford’s youth. Benny Blanco, Mac DeMarco, and Jaden Smith were also named in V as the singer’s friends.

From 2015 to 2021, Rutherford was last seen dating model Devon Lee Carlson.
Your Tango noted that after six years of dating, Carlson removed the phrase “Jesse’s girlfriend” from her TikTok bio, which led to breakup rumors in November 2021.

Therapy Records is a music publisher run by Rutherford and Danny Parra.

Rutherford discussed entering the music publishing industry in October 2020 in an interview with Coup de Main. He remembered, “It naturally happened over time.” “Danny and I have been collaborating for the past six years; he served as my engineer for a while before joining us to produce this album, “Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones,” together.

We’ve been looking for our process for a while and have tried it out with various people and things, but for this album, I was like, “We all think we know what we’re doing.” Let’s do it without a producer and act like we know what we’re doing. Although Danny produced the album, there was little pressure because we weren’t going to hire some guy and give him half the album budget upfront. We could have said, “Cool, we get this great album budget, and we’re going to do it,” with more freedom. Internally, within ourselves. Let’s do it; that’s exciting. Danny has played such a significant role in this.

As we got more involved and realized that people wanted to be around us, I didn’t want to create a label. Because kids today, especially, are familiar with the workings of the record business. In my opinion, nobody wants to sign with a brand, which seems a whole new thing. Therefore, there is a bit more opportunity with publishing. I enjoy giving people their first opportunities, and publishing is a great way to do that. The check doesn’t have to be the largest in the world, though, for some people, it might be. However, you are not confined to being creative alone.

If you joined publishing while you were in a band, and the band disbanded, your publishing contract is still in effect, and you are still secure in that world. It just seemed like there was less pressure and more of an emphasis on providing opportunities for those who want to move to LA, are poor and short on cash but want to keep doing this, and are talented musicians but lack the resources to do so. Giving people a chance to do that is something I enjoy doing. And screw the financial aspect. You are simply getting some people together and having them write a song. It is the coolest.

Why Are People Against Billi Eilish And Jesse Rutherford Dating?

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Before their breakup, Rutherford would briefly discuss Carlson in interviews, along with the media attention their relationship received. He occasionally struggled with it generating more buzz than his music. “When you spend a lot of time working on a song, you post it, and it receives X number of likes. Then, you post a photo of yourself with your girlfriend, and it receives X number… It’s just a weird, difficult, perplexing feeling,” he said in an interview with Interview in January 2020. I believe there is a chance to leave the platform or, at the very least, try it this way.


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