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Who Is Camila Mendes Dating? All About Her Love Life In 2022

who is camila mendes dating

who is camila mendes dating

Rudy Mancuso and Camila Mendes have sparked a lot of romance rumors. The Riverdale star has not yet addressed her relationship status in public. Fans with keen eyes, on the other hand, think that the Msica co-stars are a couple after she seemed to softly introduce them on Instagram in November 2022.

Are Camila Mendes And Rudy Mancuso Dating?

The rumored couple will both be in the upcoming Prime Video movie Msica. Even though they haven’t said much about their relationship, Camila and Rudy have been seen out together more than once since the April 2022 movie was announced.

In June of that same year, when they were out and about in New York City, they were caught on camera taking a summer stroll together. Pictures shared by Just Jared Jr. show that they went to the Venice Film Festival together in September 2022.

But the picture Camila put on Instagram in November 2022 was the most telling. In the selfie, she is with an unknown man, who fans think is Rudy, and they are both in their swimsuits. Since the photo was taken in a window reflection, it’s hard to see their faces, but it looks like they might be kissing.

One comment on the post said, “Not the soft launch.” People were wondering who the man in the picture was. Some answers mentioned Rudy. In another photo from the same Instagram post, the mystery man was seen playing with her dog, Truffle.

Who Is Rudy Mancuso?

The man from New Jersey is well-known on the internet because he has been with Maia Mitchell for a long time. Us Weekly confirmed at the time that they broke up in April 2022, after dating for six years. A source told the newspaper that Rudy and Maia broke up “a few months” before the news got out.

Who Else Has Camila Dated?

Camila seems to be keeping this relationship a secret, but she has been in a few public relationships in the past.

She was with Victor Houston in 2018. Until August of that same year, they were together. Then Camila and her co-star on Riverdale, Charles Melton, moved on. From October 2018 to December 2019, they were together. They got back together for a short time in June 2021, but then they broke up. The actress dated Grayson Vaughan after her first breakup with Charles, which lasted from June 2020 to March 2021.

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