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Who is Aurora Mulligan? About Matt LeBlanc’s Ladylove!!

Who is Aurora Mulligan

One of the biggest highlights in the newly launched streaming service, HBO Max, was the Friends reunion which finally aired its 11th season. After all these years, it feels like we’re right back at Central Perk! While the six iconic actors dealt with their personal lives onscreen, what do we know about them in real life?

The reunion episode of My So-Called Life was an interesting one. The actors sat down and spilled some beans about their past, relationships, and lives after the hit show came to an end!

Matt Leblanc has been seen with a few Hollywood actresses over the years, but it sounds like he’s found his match in Top Gear producer Aurora Mulligan. The two have been together for four years now. Despite the 17 year, age gap between them, they’re doing really well. While he’s mostly kept his dating life under wraps, let’s take a look at how he met this lady love of his.

Who Is Aurora Mulligan, About Matt LeBlanc’s Girlfriend?

The success of Friends catapulted Matt LeBlanc to international attention, but his screen career dimmed after he left the show at the close of season ten. Matt got offered the host position on BBC‘s Top Gear, but he also met a woman who was everything he ever wanted in life.

Aurora Mulligan is a former producer of Top Gear who started her career at BBC.
Mulligan’s never-before seen background: she was previously at ITV, Channel 5 and the BBC until she became a TV presenter on Top Gear as an expert in cars, bikes, and adventures.
In early 2015, Aurora got Who is Aurora Mulligan? In the scene where everybody crashes the wedding, who do you think was hiding in the shadows? Yes, it was Matt LeBlanc! Matt LeBlanc has not posted anything about Aurora Mulligan on his social media.

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Matt Leblanc Opened Up About His Relationship With Aurora Mulligan!

There’s not much known about the actor’s personal life, but In a 2018 interview on The Graham Norton Show – Matt Leblanc opened up about living with his girlfriend. Matt LeBlanc admitted that he was staying with his girlfriend while also having a house in L.A However, actor Nick Jonas has refused to share much detail about his relationship with the artist.

The actor even posted a cute picture with his wife while calling her honey. Aurora Mulligan came to support Matt during his appearance on The Late Late Show. Matt was on the show to promote his comedy series Man With A Plan.

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How Did Romance Blossom Between The Two?

According to insiders, Friends star Matthew Perry seemed quite taken by Aurora Mulligan while they met on the set of Top Gear. The two laughed and chatted intimately as he then became similarly impressed with her curvaceous figure which she later revealed was attained through modeling.

The romance between the two dancers sparked in 2016, and the relationship has only continued to grow since. Despite occasional paparazzi shots that have surfaced, the couple has done an admirable job of staying relatively private.

Although he is presently happy with Aurora Mulligan, the actor was previously in a long-term relationship with actress Andrea Anders. The relationship went on for eight years, but they announced a split back in 2014. Matt Leblanc is a famous actor who starred in various high-grossing sitcoms. Matt married Melissa McKnight and they have a daughter together, Marina.

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