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Who Are Ksi’s Ex-girlfriends? All You Need To Know

The Sidemen Reddit show recently featured KSI discussing his breakup with his fiancée.

In a chat with members of his YouTube community, Sidemen, the YouTuber casually mentioned his breakup.

With a mysterious Instagram post in early November, the 28-year-old actor, who had been in love and smitten until recently, ignited breakup rumors. A position with the words “single and alone” has been deleted.

Who Are Ksi’s Previous Girlfriends?

Despite the YouTuber’s best efforts to keep his romantic life private, fans eventually find out who he is dating.

The celebrity references his recent split from the Sidemen members, although it is unclear who KSI dated in 2021.

However, we know a few things about his past relationships and ex-girlfriends. A lot is known about KSI’s relationship with Seana Cuthbert; an English internet personality said to have been his high school sweetheart.

The ex-couple started dating in high school and ended their relationship in 2014.

In 2017, the celebrity appeared to be committed once again. But this time, his new love interest was also shrouded in mystery.

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According to a Metro article, Lois Sharpe might have appeared in the now-deleted KSI video “Mauritius With My Girlfriend.”

The model and social media sensation Nia Pickering was also briefly associated with the YouTuber.

According to reports, the couple dated from 2018 to 2019. The claimed connection has not been supported or opposed by either party.


Vikram Singh Barn, TBJZL, Ethan Payne, and KSI mentioned he had a hamster.

When the co-hosts discussed their pets, the YouTuber mentioned having a hamster. Later, TBJZL, real name Tobit John Brown, makes a subliminal comment about how KSI lost custody of his hamster.

They were quickly picked up on by fans for the subtle references to the celebrity’s recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

What Is The KSI Youtuber Doing Now?

KSI is still very active on Instagram. As a member of the YouTube group Sidemen, the YouTuber publishes sponsored content for companies like Adidas and XIX Vodka.

His current focus is on developing his music career. It was released in July 2021, his second studio album. The artists who contributed to the album were 21 Savage, Future, Lil Durk, and others.

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